Monday, December 7, 2009

Since last time I've...

...Been much better about keeping up with my dishes and bills. Yay!

...Been fairly responsible about eating well (besides eating way too many mini-candy bars, but they're portioned now, so I should be able to control it better). All week last week, I really wanted to grab some fast food, but I knew I'd be getting pizza on Friday at work and would eat out with my parents on Sunday, so I said NO!

...Worked out a good amount. I did avoid getting back out in the cold Thursday to go the pool. My office is freezing. My cars heater doesn't work. It's cold outside. Basically, I got warm for the first time that night after 6 p.m., so I wasn't interested in going back out in the freezing weather to get wet. I did pilates instead.

..Not run. I planned to do it yesterday, but I was feeling a little sick in the morning before my parents got into town, so I decided to rest. Today, I was going to, but I hadn't eaten since 10 a.m. when I had a big breakfast with my parents, so at 5, it wasn't hard to convinence myself it would be best to come home and make AMAZING spegetti, and do pilates later. My pilates video is basically 40 minutes of mat work. It's actually pretty good for lean muscle work, which is kind of my focus this winter, so its a good fall back.

...Fairly officially signed up to run a marathon relay in April. Someone at my Dad's work was interested, so my parents are I decided to be part of her relay team. I'm running a 10k section. I'm pretty excited about participating. It's the Oklahoma Memorial Marathon, which is every year near the anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995. It's expensive for a 10k, but should be a lot of fun to participate in.

...Talked to my parents, who apparently had a conversation with Santa Claus, about clips and bike shoes. I guess Santa was overwhelmed by the options, so my parents were supposed to talk to me about what I wanted. My parents cycle a lot (and far) but they aren't what you would consider "hard core," and they are just as clueless as I am about these things. Advice? What kind of clips should I get? What about shoes? What's best? We (I mean, Santa) are working with a budget of $100-$150. What would you suggest? Anything is helpful!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

I would get SPD Pedals (, these are also the pedals that spin class bikes use, so if your gym has a spin room, you can use your shoes in spin class and feel real hardcore. They are around $50 leaving you a $100 for your shoes. As for the shoes, think about maybe a mountain bike shoe, because they are cleated and you can run in them and it also protects your cleats as well. Also suggest stay away from rubber soles. Right now, shoes should be reduced since many people are not riding alot.

tri_al said...

hmmm yes i love my new cycle shoes; which are tri specific; but the problem is that they aren't able to be used in the spinning bikes at my gym. major bummer!

however you can pick up spin shoes pretty cheap, then spend the money on your tri shoes.

make sure you get TRI specific shoes; otherwise you'll run into problems. Less straps = time saving. Also make sure when you pull off the strap that it doesn't automatically fall back onto itself; this will be a pain in the a.

the shoes i went with are here, with a little pic:

Mike Russell said...

Whatever pedals you end up with, look at Their pricing is generally pretty good.

I rock Speedplay Zeros. They don't have the largest platform to distribute pressure along your feet, but if you get stiff shoes, you should be fine.

I second getting tri specific shoes, but if you are only doing two or three races a year, it is tough to beat the comfort of multiple straps on your shoe instead of just one. I would recommend getting as rigid as a shoe as you can afford. It will help in your comfort in cycling.