Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice, ice baby

Freezing rain, sleet and snow hit Oklahoma Monday and Tuesday, completely hindering my workout schedule. I went home early from work Monday and my little truck slide all around. I wasn't risking the gym. Yesterday was a bit better, and today some of it is melting. I didn't make it to the gym either day this week because I didn't want to drive after dark and I won't be able to go today because 1) it's my off day, and 2) the thing I'm supposed to do Monday got pushed back to tonight on account of the weather.

To attempt to compensate, I did pilates. I live on a second floor apartment, so cardio is somewhat out of the question because my neighbors wouldn't want me clunking around and maybe joining them from above. Monday, I was supposed to bike, but instead did 30 minutes of pilates: belly, butt, legs. Figured I was working the same muscle groups. Tuesday I was supposed to swim and run, but instead I did 25 minutes of full body pilates. I definitely could feel them, but I didn't really feel like I got a great workout in or anything. I'm hoping to be able to swim tomorrow, but running Friday will be challenging. I'll have to figure it out! I might do a little more pilates tonight, but I'll be cramped for time as is, so I'm not sure that will work.

Until next time...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Your registration is complete!

We registered!

We're so official now!

It feels good.

I'm excited!!!

April 19, here we come!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I ran the 5k yesterday! I woke up, checked the weather and saw: "23 degrees, feels like 8." Awesome! I went because I'm not going to let a little below freezing temperature slow me down...only a little. I came in at 38:10, which is a little slow, but I didn't push myself too hard. I walked a lot because I hadn't been training on my run very well. I didn't want to vomit more than I wanted to make a good time. I'm fairly happy with it all things considered. I plan to much better next time (February maybe?).

Poor Kayle didn't get to run the race because she was sick. I know she really wanted to, so I feel bad she didn't the opportunity, but I'm glad she made the wise choice because I was worried about her all night long the night before the race. She came with her sister to get their t-shirts, so we took a little picture:
I've realized that I'm still hesitant to tell people I'm running a triathlon and I get embarrassed when people find out. I think it's hard for me because I still can't really believe it. I'm not very athletic, so it seems unlikely that I'd do this. I'm afraid other people are thinking the same thing. Furthermore, I'm the kind of person who gets all excited about something but gives up halfway through. I'm trying to break that pattern because it's not a real successful one. Most people don't know that about me though, so there's no reason someone would doubt that I'd follow through on this. I don't know what makes me hesitant. I will follow through this time, though. I'm doing the tri. While I do quit projects, I'm ridiculously stubborn and will do anything I put my mind fact, tell me I won't and I'm more likely to do it. How do I get more confident telling people I'm a triathlete?

On a lighter note, I decided to end this post with an adorable picture of my beautiful niece, dreaming that she is winning the Ironman Triathlon!

Friday, January 23, 2009

T minus 1 day

Race day tomorrow! Rumor has it it's going to be balls!

I didn't run Thursday. Long day...

Goals for tomorrow:

1) Cross the finish line in less than 40 minutes, no vomiting.
2) Cross in less than 37 minutes, no vomiting.
3) Beat last time (35 something), make it through the shoot this time before vomiting.

I'm not well practiced right now, so we'll see how it goes! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Past few days

We still haven't made anything official yet, which just may be our downfall! Nonetheless, we're excited that there's now LESS than 12 weeks before the tri! OMG...that's soon!

I ran some yesterday. I'm trying to get my speed up to a decent non-runner speed. We've got a race Saturday, so I think I'm going to try to get a short run in Thursday sometime. I'm not going to worry about running the whole thing, but I'd like to see what my best time can be, even if I walk some. My main goal this time -- not throw up! Hopefully, I post my goals before the race.

I swam some today. It went alright. I think I've gone downhill with my swim. I seem to struggle with breathing, which I thought I shook a long time ago! I just need to consistently swim twice a week and I think I'll do better. I really didn't want to go to the gym today!

Non workout side note:
We have a new President of the United States, ladies and gentlemen. Unfortunately, I had to be at a work thing all morning and missed the inauguration, but I plan to watch it online sometime. Since I have a soapbox, perhaps I'll get on it for a minute. Democrat or republican, we should honor our former President George W. Bush. Is true I was not a fan, but as his term neared its close, I found myself giving him more compassion. He's gone now and hating him will do you no good. He took on an enormous task offering to run the country and we should thank him for the attempt. More importantly, whether you like President Barack Obama (that's cool to say!) or not, please hope, pray, wish he will be what the country so desperately needs right now. You don't need to love your President, but respect him until he gives you a reason not to. If he's already lost your respect, for whatever reason, then I ask you to put your ill will aside and pray he will benefit the country, even if you personally don't like him. Do what you can to better the country, take responsibility for the country and honor your country! It's the dawn of a new era, and I'm proud to be an American. Congratulations President Obama! Good luck, Mr. President!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just waiting...

Kayle and I spent a ton of time talking today, trying to choose the best tri for us to take on and...

I think we decided!

I know we had decided on a tri in Galveston, Texas, for April 4, but our financial and work/school situation led us to not liking that idea much anymore. We hadn't made it official, but I'm getting antsy for some finality, so we looked into others.

The King Tut tri in McKinney, Texas,
was our favorite. It's two weeks later, which unfortunately falls on my sister's birthday weekend, but other than that, it's great. Its the exact distance we're looking for (a classic sprint), and is on Sunday, so I won't have to miss work. Plus, hotels in McKinney are way cheaper than Galveston. It's a way better option and we're happy about it. She wants to wait until next month when she has birthday money, but I'm eager. I think we're going to check with family and then try to at least get hotel reservations in the next few days!

Woot! Thought I'd share!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Running - again, Ouch!

I ran on the treadmill yesterday. I didn't do as well as I had hoped, but I had a good burn and my heart rate was up the whole time, so I don't think I could have worked much harder, so that's good. I would run until I felt extremely tired or starting to get nauseated and then walk for a bit, but I'm afraid I'm still struggling running more than walking during a given workout. This nausea thing isn't working out for me. About halfway through, I noticed my legs were starting to hurt when I started running again and I knew I'd be sore today. Sure enough, my inner thighs, my hips and my hamstrings hurt. It's especially bad right behind my left knee. I stretched before and a ton after because it was already getting sore. I find this weird since I've been "running" for 6 months now, but maybe its the first time my legs gave out before my body did, which I guess is a mini victory in itself.

Kayle and I have a 5k scheduled for next Saturday. I'm going to do the best I can, but I'm not expecting great time or anything. It should be good though. I enjoy "competing" in races. (I put it in quotes because I'm not at all competitive for my age group. Mostly high school and college runners it seems...)

My back is doing better this week, but still killer. I'm doing what I can for it, but all I can really hope for is that it clears up on its own in a few weeks...

Friday, January 9, 2009


Sorry I've been MIA for a while.

Here's the deal: Right after Christmas, my beautiful niece was born! Jocelyn Eliza Blake came into this world at 9:03 p.m. Dec. 26, 2008.After I got back to Stillwater, I worked out a little, ready to train hard core Jan. 5. Middle of the week last week, my back started hurting me. I had the bf massage it some, but it kept getting worse. Friday when I drove to Norman, it was killing me, but not as much as my migraine. All weekend it bothered, but starting Monday, it was awful! I swam, and it didn't seem to hurt it, but I thought I'd rest this week to make it better. It's not. Wednesday I had to leave work at 3:30 to go home and lay down (the only thing that doesn't hurt) on my back for an hour and a half before finishing my shift. I got a 30 minute deep tissue professional massage Thursday during my lunch break, which felt good/hurt bad. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to do much for my condition. Fortunately, she concluded that something in my life has changed the way I sit, move and caused this pain. Her guess, and now mine, typing at work. My keyboard is on a higher platform than I'm used to in the past, and after 6 weeks of it, my body got angry. Unfortunately, I can't take a break from writing (which hurts) and typing all day every day. It's kind of my job! Driving, sitting and standing also hurt, but then again, I'm getting really sick of laying on my back, on the floor, watching TV!

I think I'll start training next week anyway.