Friday, August 29, 2008

Double trouble

Our first attempt at doubling up failed (sorta).

Our second, however, was successful.

Let me tell you the story.

The other day was our first day to double up. We had decided to go to the lake (separate from working out) so we took our bikes and running shoes to the lake before taking a nice dip in the water. It's a 9-mile bike path around the lake, or so we thought.

We ate some Subway before heading off on the track, figuring we'd ride 9 miles and then run a little. About a half-mile into it, we see Louie's, a popular bar in Norman, at Lake Hefner, so I joke about how we could be like my parents, who frequently take long bike rides and then stop and have a beer on their way home. The longer we ride, the more appealing a ice cold beer sounds and the more tired I get. I'm looking forward to being off the bike, seeing that we have another 2 miles or so to finish...when we see it.

A loop. Not a continuation to where we started but a tiny loop that brings us back where we came from.

We had no choice but to turn back and do it all over again. I was unhappy. There's no way we only had gone 4.5 miles and I'm pretty sure we didn't go 9 miles, so I'm not sure how long that path actually is. We're guessing we rode around 14 miles.

About 2 or 3 miles until we make it back, we try to get off the bikes and run a little, but we were just ready to get back as soon as possible. It was hot out by now. I was to the point, for those who know me, where I needed an entire bottle of water poured over my head...except that I drank all the water we had. I don't particularly handle heat well.

The trip took us about an hour and 45 minutes. We never ran. That ice cold beer turned into a frozen margarita and an entire glass of water. It was glorious.

And then we couldn't find a place to swim, sadly enough, so after a minor off-roading experience, we went back to my pool in Norman and swam. It, too, was glorious.

So, we tried swimming and running yesterday, and it was fairly successful. We did it at least. And less than 12 hours later, we got up and biked as well. My legs are tired today, but they'll live. I'm enjoying the training. Working out again has been nice and I feel really good.

Until next time...

Monday, August 25, 2008


I'm sore.

We ran yesterday. Kayle, Miss Former Track Star, was way ahead of me the whole time. We ran 1:30, then walked for 3:30 ish. We did this 5 times, and then walked the third of a mile or so back to my apartment. My hips and groin are no happy with me today.

And now we get to go swimming.

Then bike AND run tomorrow! --But we are going to do it at the lake, which should be fun, just exhausting!

What did I get myself into again?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

First days

We started training finally!

Thursday, I went over to Kayle's to go swimming. I knew the pool schedule well, or at least I thought so. After getting to the pool and realizing Kayle didn't have her googles, we drove back home to get them. Arriving the second time we find out the pool is closed. Weird. Guess I looked at the wrong week. So we drive back to her house and attempt to do laps in her apartment's pool. Not a great start, but we got some done. Then we did some push ups and sit ups to work other parts of our body.

My pecks and abs were sore the next day.

Moving on, last night we went for a 55 minute bike ride through town. It was a fair leisure ride. Again, we are just trying to warm up on each activity. My butt is sore from my crappy bike seat and my pecks are worse, due to more push ups. Abs are doing OK.

Today, we get to break. Sunday...running. It's good to be working out again.

(My internet is down, so it may be a while longer before I can get another post in!)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Almost ready...

OK, we are ALMOST ready to start training!

We got together today, now that Kayle's done with rush stuff, and worked out a schedule.

M: Activity 1 (Swimming)
T: Activity 2 and 3 (Biking and Running)
W: Off
R: Swimming
F: Biking
Sat: Off
Sun: Running

Next week, Monday will be activity 2, followed by Tuesday's Activity 1 & 3 and so on. R,F, and Sun will remain the same.

For the first month or so, we are going to do each activity for 30-40 minutes, just getting into shape and to the point where we can do all the activities well. After that, we will figure out distances and other points of training.

Since Wednesday's an off day, we start training Thursday! I can't wait!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

One step closer

Kayle and I finally got a chance to talk about a schedule and stuff. We haven't set anything on paper yet, but she bought running shoes today, so I guess that's one step closer.

We're thinking doubling up Tuesdays, break Wednesdays and Saturdays and one activity the other days: Two of each per week. It still needs to be finalized, though. Full schedule to come.

We start training sometime next week. Get excited!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The idea

I love my job.

You get to meet some of the most interesting people out there.

People like Shad Ireland.

Shad's had to be on dialysis since he was 10. Finally, after a long struggle, he accepted his fate and made the best of it. At 31, he ran an Ironman triathlon, only a year after the 90-pound man began training. He is one of the most inspiring people I've ever met.

So, I was on my way home from the interview Thursday, still in awe with this man, and it came to me: I was going to run a triathlon.

Not an Ironman (I'm not a masochist), but a Sprint triathlon. But I wasn't going to do it alone, I'm dragging my friend Kayle down with me.

We talked about and I'm starting to get excited about training. We haven't picked a triathlon, but we are thinking one closer to next spring, to avoid swimming in the competition in winter. We've been busy, so we haven't gotten a lot of time to talk about much like the schedule or anything, but we're doing a little bit of research. Suggestions are always welcome.

This should be really good for both of us in all aspects of our lives. I'm excited to start the adventure.