Friday, October 30, 2009

The night before...

Tulsa Run is tomorrow! For some reason, it just doesn't seem like it's tomorrow...Maybe that's a good thing, or maybe not?

I'm hoping my legs hold up. I'm not sure I'll do great...I'm hoping I can just make it a fun, long workout. Might feel different tomorrow!

- Finish in 2:15...I sure hope so!
- Finish in less than 2 hours (This is my main goal!)
- Finish in less than 1:45. That'd be cool.
- BONUS: Run the whole thing! That would be beyond awesome!

Wish me luck! Here goes nothing!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

T-minus 3 days

I went running today. My plan was to go two miles, in order to taper AND preserve my legs. Once I got out there, it felt great to run, but my legs started hurting early on. It actually subsided some after five minutes or so, but the back of my left knee in particular continued to hurt. I ended up running 1.56 miles -- almost exactly one-sixth of the run -- instead. I figured it was better to rest my leg. Immediately, I put some ice packs on the painful spots and took some drugs. Feels better right now...but it might be a long Saturday!!!

Wish me luck!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Two wheels

Because my legs are still angry -- Dad says its fatigue -- I went biking today.

Holy cow. Biking is fun.

The minute I got on, I smiled. I'd forgotten how fun it can be. I haven't been on the bike since my triathlon, which was more than a month ago! It was kind of chilly and a bit windy, so I had to bundle up, but it was good. Really good.

After a few miles, I came to a T in the road. I looked to my right. Flat for about a quarter mile, followed by a steep hill. "I wonder if I can make it up that?" I thought, as I often do when I see hills on a road. I looked to my left. Flat for as far as I could see. Probably about a mile. Back to the right. Smile. "Let's see." Off I go, trying to get some speed to make it up the hill. As I got closer, it seemed less daunting, actually, but by the time I got up it, I realized it really was quite a hill. Huffing and puffing all the way. Of course, then I decided to hit a few other rolling hills along the same perhaps I didn't learn my lesson. After a mile or so of hills, I ended up going the other way, too, just to see where it led.

I was exploring my new town today. :-)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Training pains

Tulsa Run is just days away now!  I went for a long run Friday after work. I decided to run for 1 hour and see how far I could make it. My goal for the 15k is to do it in less than two hours, and I wanted to see how attainable that was. Unfortunately, for the last month or so, I've been having some leg pains when I run. My pseudo shin splints from this summer are back, as well as pain all up and down my right leg. (Front of the knee down and back of the knee up...stellar.) So, about minute two of my run, the pain starts. And continued to worsen for 58 minutes. I did manage to push myself through it, however, to finish my run. I went 4.93 miles. If I keep my pace, I'll make it in just less than the two-hour mark. After I finished, I thought I could walk, and my legs would feel better. Nope. Just as bad. Lesson? Just keep running.

I decided to take Saturday and Sunday off, and start with a light run Monday, but because I've been having pains off and on in my legs since then, I'm not thinking that's not even a good idea. This is really hard for me because I always feel like I need push it the week before a race. Anyway, now I plan to bike tomorrow, and hopefully do a two-miler Wednesday and rest before race day on Saturday...we'll see how my legs hold up!

I'm starting to get excited about the race. Who knew?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Long belated 5k report, etc.

I realized since I focused on reflection and my support system, I never got a chance to write up a short race report after the River Rush Run a few weeks back! How about now?

It was the first race, maybe ever, that my whole family did together. Here we are before the race, with my darling niece in the middle. My goal was to come in my quickest time ever. My parents hadn't run since December really, so they were just hoping to run it. Jamie is training to run the Tulsa Run 15k with there you have it.

Out we went. I started strong and fast, which was my goal. I "pace" myself too much, so I wanted to push fast. Jamie caught up early on and we ran together for a good mile and a half or two miles. She did a great job of really pushing me. She kept saying "see those walking guys, let's pass them!" and I'd push as hard as I could. Finally, when she saw our 52-year-old Mom slowing down in front of us, she decided to pass her, and I just couldn't keep up. I really appreciate her being there to coach me along, but I'm glad she was able to get up there...and PASS my mom!

The results? Dad ran almost the whole thing and came in first of us. Jamie followed, with mom on her heels just 20 seconds or so behind her. I came in at...32:30! That's an entire minute off of my fastest clocked time...and 2.5 minutes faster than my fastest official 5k race! I think we all felt like puking after...but we ALL did it! Woohoo!

Mom is already talking about us doing the race together every year. It was the River Rush's first race, but they plan to do it each year, and Mom wants it to be a family thing. I think that'd be fun. It's a nice course along the river and a beautiful park area. We'll see...

Training is going all right. It's getting challenging with the sun setting earlier and earlier each day, but I'm getting base runs in. I went out in the rain today. It was a light rain, but soggy. For so long I'd pass people running in the rain and I'd be jealous, thinking "that must be nice." Finally got my chance to get out there! It was nice to know I was working out...and it actually gives you a chance to enjoy the rain, instead of being forced inside during it. And I must say this...I love hearing the sound of my feet hit the pavement. It was a quiet night (no musica because it was raining), and there were times when all I heard way my rythmic breathing and my feet pitter pattering on the pavement. It was a great feeling.

10 days until the 15k!!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Let's give them a hand

After re-reading my post from a few days ago, I noticed something. I gave triathlon a lot of props for my survival of the last year...and that is totally due. But I don't feel like I talked about the other saving grace: My awesome, amazing, wonderful supportive cast of fans. So I will dedicate this post to them.

First off, my parents. They supported me through the entire triathlon experience, showering me with gifts to help my performance during major gift-giving holidays. They gave me advice and pushed me through the tough times. They were there to watch my first and third triathlon experiences, cheering me on and photographing the race. They were there for a good talk, and always ready with a glass of wine. I want to thank you so much for all the support, love and awesome presents!

My sister. She was there to listen about my awful work experiences, something she knew all too well, and offered advice on handling the situations. She pushed me to do the Tulsa Run, giving me a fitness/race goal outside triathlon. I thank her for all that awesomeness. Also, she brings along my beautiful niece, who just with one smile can show that everything is good.

My BFF, Kayle. Her constant support, even when it was challenging for her, gave me motivation. Unfortunately, she's experienced health struggles in the past six months or so, but it gave me momentum. This tri season, I was competing for two. In fact, while I was running today, I decided I would race next season for the CF Foundation, since she had finally decided to embrace it and raise money for the cause. I'll take it up, and she can join me as soon as she can. Additionally, she was there for love, support and a good laugh anytime I needed it. I love you guapa. Thank you so much!

Darla and Justin, who would listen to my work complaints and understand like no one else could, since they were (and are) in the same boat. Having them as a soundboard helped alleviate some of the "listening" from my boyfriend and others. They made me dinner often and ran with me at times, helping push to get me out there running on days I just didn't want to go. Much thanks for all you did for me during my time in Stillwater! I hope we'll stay friends, even after you get an amazing job out of state and have to leave!!!

My awesome fellow bloggers. Thank you for your support and understanding. Your comments helped me stay motivated, adjust my thinking and gave me accountability for my races. And thank you for reading. Thank you for your source of inspiration, too!

And finally, last but most definitely not least, Nick. I love you so much! You got the brunt (other than me) of everything I experienced. You stuck by me through that and you never let our long distance relationship affect us. I know I haven't been the most fun, happy person, but you helped me more than you can imagine. You were there to say "stop thinking about work," offer (semi-jokingly) to do illegal things to the people causing me grief, and to support me when I couldn't do it myself. You are amazing. I can not thank you enough. You believed in me during the whole triathlon experience. You gave me motivation and confidence to get the job I have now, even when I didn't feel qualified. Thanks.

And countless others! You are all amazing. I hope I can be that support for you now or anytime in the future!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I've had this post in my head for a while. I think it's time:

I have come to realize that my last so-many posts have been rather negative, which is honestly not the impression I was hoping to give off. It hasn't been an adequate cross-section of my journey. Or has it?

Without going into a lot of detail, I've been struggling. This last year has not been what I had expected or hoped my first year out of college would be. Since last October, it seems like it's gotten progressively worse. My awful work situation really affected EVERY other part of my life, and everyone in it. I think that's what affected my training and how I looked at life and expressed myself. I have so much respect and thanks for everyone close to me who stuck by me through my struggle. It didn't just take a toll on me. Thank you for being my rock. But I think I've gotten my life back on track, thankfully. I got a new job, new apartment, new excitement for what I do. But for you praying folk out there, please pray for those I left behind...they need it.

I was surprised to find out I was a downer about my training to. To be very honest, I'm pretty sure that triathlon was the one thing that kept my sanity. I think it was so important that it was part of this last year. I can't imagine where I would be without it. I credit my ability to bounce back (so far) to having done triathlon. It was my one constant, a greater goal, something to take up my time in the evenings after I moved away from my boyfriend and from my best friend, and most importantly, it gave me extra confidence when, frankly, there were people trying to be out every last shred of confidence I had. Thank you triathlon.

I'm so thankful I decided to take up the sport. Even without the stressors in my life in the past year, it has done so much for me. It's given me confidence to jump in and try something I'm pretty sure I'll be bad at. I never would have joined my company softball league before triathlon...and it was one of the most fun things I've done. I'm not afraid to try something new, even if I might fail. Without triathlon turning me into a psuedo-jock, I never would have looked at the job I have now in sports information, which I love so far. And phyically, it's put me in a phsyical state I didn't expect I'd be in. I feel strong. I have visible muscles, but not in a manly-muscly way. It's just done so much for me.

Overall, triathlon has been such an amazing experience for me. It won't be going away anytime soon. And I want everyone out there to know that I love the sport -- even the running aspect! I'm changing the way I think about things, the way I express things, and I'm hoping my posts follow.

Now I ask you, what has triathlon done for you?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Excuses, excuses: October edition

I didn't run Wednesday or Thursday. Wednesday was originally an off day, but I had decided I should probably run TWR, then take Friday off before the race Saturday. But then I forgot that Wednesday wasn't just an alternative cross training day, until later that night after it'd gotten dark. Oops.

And today...I said I'd run today, even if it was gloomy and raining. No matter what! Well, rain doesn't quite describe what was falling between 5:30 (when I got off work) and 7 p.m. (when it got dark). This is where I would be entering pictures of all the rain, but I've since realized I hadn't hooked up my printer (where I transfer pictures from) to my computer, and I don't feel like doing it now either. It was bad. And there was some lightning (Laura would be so proud!!!), so I didn't run. I still don't have a gym situation set up yet. Boo urns. And Boo hiss.

It's dark until about 7 a.m., which won't give me enough time in the morning. Tomorrow after work I've driving to Tulsa. I'll race Saturday, so I'm for sure running then!

On a complete separate but yummier note, Halloween candy might be the death of me.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I ran! I ran so far away!

OK, actually not far at all. About 3.25 miles, in 40:30.

Fairly slow. I battled with intense wind and the struggles that can only be felt after not running or doing anything physical in a week. I could tell from the very get-go it was going to be a tough run. I pushed through, mostly. My knees have been bothering me earlier and earlier in my runs lately. Any advice on that?

I'm hoping once I start pushing myself again, I'll bounce back quickly over the next few weeks and be ready for my 15k on Halloween! Eek!

I also, by the way, have a sort-of impromptu 5k on Saturday with the fam (Mom, Dad and sister). It should be fun. I'm hoping to hit my fastest time...but I've got to get back to it quickly to hope to do that.

I start my new job tomorrow. This job will be challenging. It's going to demand a lot from me, not to mention a fairly strong learning curve. But I'm excited for the new challenge and all I will be able to learn there. I can't believe I'm already I've got to go study up on Drover sports! Wish me luck!!!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Quick update

Well folks, it's been a while, so I figured I should update.

Things haven't been so great. Basically, one last, but really stressful thing happened during my last week at work. That, along with endless packing and hanging out with Stillwater friends, killed my motivation to run. Darla and I ran 3.5 miles last Monday, but since then, zlitch.

I moved Saturday. Started bright and early and we were done and unloaded in Chickasha by about 2 p.m.! Woot! Anyway, Darla and Justin spent the night and part of Sunday with us, which was so much fun. When they left Sunday, Nick and I took a three hour nap, and then I drove him to Norman. I spent half the day there with him today before coming back here. I'd planned to run this morning because I thought I'd wake up early and have time while he was at work...but my body had other plans.

I spent a great deal of time this evening fighting with my computer and new wireless software, and making my boyfriend on the phone wonder yet again why he loved me, as tears streamed down my face in frustration. I don't get along with my computer at times. A few hours later, I have a working wireless internet connection! And then I STARTED unpacking.

I promise I'll run tomorrow.