Sunday, February 7, 2010

USAT and the Devil's work

Those things are separate.

1) Should I get a USAT membership? It's $39. I have three triathlons planned, and a fourth would be great if I could fit it in my schedule and budget. If I do four, it'll save me $1, and I get a quarterly magazine. If I only do three, I'm not sure it's worth it. Thoughts?

2) Goggles were created by the Devil to torture swimmers and triathletes. My left goggle would not fuse to my left eye at all today. I literally couldn't get more than two strokes in before my entire left goggle was full of water! It was horrible. I was so frustrated halfway through because I couldn't get a decent swim in that I was nearly in tears. These are Nike, and I got them for Christmas last year. Can goggles lose their suction after a year of regular use? I feel like this Nike brand should be better quality than that. I was doing everything I could think of and it just wouldn't suction onto my face. Just the left eye. I had few problems on the right side. Thoughts? It's making me dread my next swim.


Beth said...

I debated on the USAT membership, too and finally pulled the trigger last week. I think it's worth the $39.

Not sure what to tell you about the goggles, but I was fitted by a tri shop in Atlanta. Mine are Aquasphere and I LOVE them. Had to get the kid size because I guess my face is kinda small? I think proper fitting is the key. said...

#1 - With the USAT membership you get a cool sticker for your car...I would do it just for that :-)
#2 - Must invest in good goggles. Only one kind -

Never had a problem with them!