Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming

What do we do? We swim, swim.

It's been almost two months. But I went swimming today. (Don't you like how I chose the coldest day in weeks?) It was a new pool - the school's pool. I decided to try it out. I walk in and there are three people. One huge pool with that ugly black line...but nothing dividing lanes. Just a giant watery space. The other swimmers were just standing around talking, like friends do at a pool party. Fine, I'll make do. My plan was to do two sets of 400m. (I'm guessing its a 25m pool...but the enthralled student at the door didn't know.)

The minute I started the front stroke, I smiled. I was swimming! I do love swimming! I did get tired easily -- which I expected -- and my arms also tired quickly -- 15 minutes of pilates yesterday had me a little sore today! The first 400m went fine, really, but when I started the second, I began have MAJOR goggle issues. I literally couldn't do two strokes before my eyes would be full of water. It was so frustrating. No matter what I did with my goggles, it didn't help. It wouldn't fuse to my face and even when it does, it's never all that secure...and I have good goggles...just an oddly-shaped, tiny head. I finally got so frustrated, I threw them to the side in the middle of the pool. I went the final 300m without goggles, which kind of sucked.  As opposed to the first 400m, I felt like a fish out of water. I suppose I did get to practice my direction when I can't see (crucial to open water swims in the lakes of Oklahoma)...

One interesting thing about the pool is that about halfway through, it gets really deep. It's actually a little creepy to be swimming along and all of a sudden, that black line you know and love so well from the hours of starring contests begins to drift farther and farther away. Takes a minute to get settled with what's happening. Plus, there's that minute of panic (strong word, but I can't think of another) when you realize you don't have the comfort of knowing you can stand up anytime you choose (not that you'll have to or that you're far from the wall). Perhaps thats another bonus -- makes it more race-day like.

Anyway, the swim was great. I'm taking tomorrow off. A Monday night basketball game threw off my schedule before it could begin. Hopefully get more done this weekend.

Also, I'd like to add, I'm doing OK so far with eating better. I went grocery shopping and I LOVE having food in the house. I'm trying to make wise decisions. Nick says he's on board too, so we can motivate and encourage each other. I hope we can stick it out!

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