Sunday, January 25, 2009


I ran the 5k yesterday! I woke up, checked the weather and saw: "23 degrees, feels like 8." Awesome! I went because I'm not going to let a little below freezing temperature slow me down...only a little. I came in at 38:10, which is a little slow, but I didn't push myself too hard. I walked a lot because I hadn't been training on my run very well. I didn't want to vomit more than I wanted to make a good time. I'm fairly happy with it all things considered. I plan to much better next time (February maybe?).

Poor Kayle didn't get to run the race because she was sick. I know she really wanted to, so I feel bad she didn't the opportunity, but I'm glad she made the wise choice because I was worried about her all night long the night before the race. She came with her sister to get their t-shirts, so we took a little picture:
I've realized that I'm still hesitant to tell people I'm running a triathlon and I get embarrassed when people find out. I think it's hard for me because I still can't really believe it. I'm not very athletic, so it seems unlikely that I'd do this. I'm afraid other people are thinking the same thing. Furthermore, I'm the kind of person who gets all excited about something but gives up halfway through. I'm trying to break that pattern because it's not a real successful one. Most people don't know that about me though, so there's no reason someone would doubt that I'd follow through on this. I don't know what makes me hesitant. I will follow through this time, though. I'm doing the tri. While I do quit projects, I'm ridiculously stubborn and will do anything I put my mind fact, tell me I won't and I'm more likely to do it. How do I get more confident telling people I'm a triathlete?

On a lighter note, I decided to end this post with an adorable picture of my beautiful niece, dreaming that she is winning the Ironman Triathlon!


Jamie said...

Woo! Great time! Great job! Beautiful baby!

Judy said...

She already has her arms raised in victory.

Great job on the race. Sorry I was so deliquent.