Monday, March 2, 2009

New thoughts, priorities

First off, I want to tell you about today. Bittersweet run, I suppose. I went out at lunch today, determined to run 3.1 miles without stopping to prove I can do this race Saturday (I've got a 5k!). My legs hurt (I biked/ran for 80 minutes yesterday), especially on hills, but I kept running. My knees started really bothering me, but I ignored them. I ran the first mile (hills) in 11 minutes. If I could keep that pace, I would more than beat my best 5k (and the only one I've ran completely). The second mile, all flat mind you, took me about 14 minutes. Not so good. I was hoping to get in at 35 minutes (like December's 5k), but halfway through the final mile (again, hills) I stopped for maybe two-tenths of a mile because I was about the throw up. I knew if I threw up, I wouldn't have the energy to run the rest of the way and my time would suffer. It's discouraging that I had to walk. I sped up for the final half mile, hoping to make up for some lost time. I had to force myself to keep my breakfast down when it was all over...and I came in at 38 minutes, which is one minute slower than the 5k I "raced" and walked half of. Talk about discouraging! How do I walk faster than I run? I mean, really! How is this fair? Why do I struggle so much? I was really glad I could run most of the way, since I haven't been able to before or after my December 5k, but bummed I HAD to stop...and that time! Gah! Any advice?

On a better note, my race is in less than seven weeks, and I'm completely unprepared! My biking is sad, my running is slow and I take extra breaths when I turn around every 25 meters in the swim and I'm worried that, couple with the open water swim I've never practiced, will be the death of me (although, hopefully not literally). I told you this was a better note, right? Well, I can't go into this thing unprepared...especially since I've been working at it since the summer! It's going to have to become a higher priority. I mean, I've left work late at night to run and then head back, and I've given it almost every night of my life for months, but somehow, it's not good enough. I need more outside time, daylight time, real practice time. No more gym stuff when possible, especially on my bike! Even if I have to leave work everyday at 5 p.m. and then go back to work to finish my stories and hours. That's just what I'll have to do for seven weeks until this race is out of the way! As much as I'd love to, I just can't do mornings, so evenings it is! Fortunately, daylight savings is next week, so I'll have another hour to enjoy the day. Warmth is coming soon, too. I can't let Nick or anything distract me in the next few weeks. I'm even planning on concentrating on my eating and making sure I get the right kind of stuff for the best performance. I've worked too hard and spent too many hours on this (not to mention the amount of money that's been spent on me for gear!) to go in unprepared or not at my best. Please, help me keep motivated!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Congrats on finishing the 5k. Maybe it was just an off day. Seems everyone including myself is in a slump right now. Low energy, flat workouts, stressing over race fitness. You will climb out of it.

As for the race in 7 weeks, if you have the money, buy a bike trainer ($100-$200 at the most). Plop it right in front of the TV and just spin away till it gets light out later at night. I spent all winter in spin classes, but when I went on the trainer, it was a whole different story. Plus it's on your bike, getting you back to the feel of your bike. And on the weekend, make it a point to bike outside both days.

If its warm enough, find a lake or pond on a weekend and practice a little swimming. Make it a beach day, bring some lunch and a towel, some friends, swim for practice, then splash around for some fun, lay out, and have lunch.

I was just listening to a buddy, he made this comment. "Triathlons are easy to do, its the training that is hard."

You can do this. Remember, its all about crossing that finish line and getting that label of triathlete next to your name.

Rob said...

You are still doing an awesome job there. Like many of us we do have our off days and I think that's what you had. I am sure that in 7 weeks you'll be right were your suppose to be and finish better than ever. You have trained hard for this and it does show. That's why I am positive that come April 19th you be at your peak and do extremely well in this.
I do appreciate your support as well and I am glad that i got a reprieve to do my triathlon in October. that way I will have more time to prepare and get in the best shape ever.
So keep doing what your doing and stay positive. I know you can and will do this and your do GREAT!!!

Sara Cox Landolt said...

Hang in there! You're almost there! 7 weeks of choices and decisions totally up to you. See that finish line!