Sunday, March 22, 2009

T minus 4 weeks, and counting

My first triathlon is now a mere four weeks away.

A lot of things need to change now. Starting tomorrow, I'm "hitting it hard" as my mother would say. I won't be drinking ("I'll have a Shirley Temple, please!"), I'll avoid smoky bars and places more than I already do ("Let's go here instead.") and I'll be eating healthfully ("Mmm, carrots!"). I'm avoiding any food that makes me feel "blah" or sluggish, and trying to only put stuff in my body that will help me race better. I had my last hurrah this weekend, so now I'll concentrate on non-processed foods and good fuel for my body. I'm looking forward to the change because I think it will help me in other things, too. Nick said he's going to try to eat well with me, so that will be nice. I'm making something yummy for us Wednesday!

Also, I'm going to be diligent about my training, which has been lacking. I think part of the reason it is is because of work problems I'm having, but I'm going to use it as a release from that and somehow try not to let work get to me. Any suggestions on that?

We didn't get to try out open water swim this weekend because the weather didn't agree with us. Can't trust Mother Nature to accommodate you if she doesn't want to, that's for sure. Hopefully, we can find a time or two in the next four weeks, but it's tough because Kayle and I don't live in the same town, we have a 33-mile bike race in two weeks, and Easter is in three weeks. Maybe next weekend?

I feel like I had a thousand more things to say, but I can't seem to remember them now. Until next time...

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