Monday, April 27, 2009

Post tri post

It's been a little more than a week since I conquered the amazing task. I'm "over" the disappointment of coming in so poorly compared to everything else. Long story short, it bothered me because I have a history of being really bad at everything I try (bowling, art, music, sports, etc, basically anything that takes a "skill"). Part of my reason for racing was to do something completely uncharacteristic of me and be OK (mediocre is fine!) at it to break that pattern. That was one of my goals I did not accomplish. The lack of sleep and the emotionally and physically exhausting week I had had lead to that disappointment turning into a huge ordeal. I put "over" in quotes because I'm not sad about it anymore, but it's a bigger issue that I'm going to continue to struggle with for some time. We all have our baggage.

I decided well before my race that I would take a month "off" of training. Off is in quotes because I still plan to work out about four times a week, I just wanted to be able to vary my workouts a bit (zumba, elliptical machine, etc.) and get some weight training in. I love biking and swimming, and I can tolerate running, so I don't plan to cut those completely out, I'm just not going to ONLY do that. Beginning June 1 (or earlier), I'll be training hard core for my Olympic distance, which I plan on doing in September. My New Years resolution was to do an Olympic by the end of tri season and I've found a perfect one! I'm going to do that Redman in Oklahoma City. I didn't think they had anything shorter than a half Iron, but I had wished they did because it was going to be perfect timing and lo and behold, they do! If I decide I can afford it, I'd like to do another sprint distance this summer. I really enjoyed that length. Also, my sister, mom and I decided to run the Tulsa Run on Halloween. It's a 15k run, something I NEVER thought I'd do! But I figure I should be training at close to that length anyway for my tri in September, so I should be able to do it. We are all trying to convince our husbands/boyfriend to join in and make it a huge family event! We'll see.

So basically, that's my next 6 months. Enjoying the food I shouldn't be eating, shaking up my exercises, and then training for an Olympic Tri and 15k run! Shall be an interesting year...

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Alex is in. So are Jess and Jamie at the gym.