Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm 23.

OK, I was 23 yesterday, and I will be 23 tomorrow. Not much is changing with that.

In fact, I am 23.6 years old. I decided to test my "Real Age," something I stole from a fellow blogger who was able to drop seven years from her "Real Age" in a matter of nine months! Go on the site, fill out all the questions and it will calculate your real age.

According to the site, my Real Age is 23.4! Hey, as long as it's equal to or less than my current age, I figure I'm totally happy with it. Looks like I'm right where I should be. It's suggestions for me: get a dog (no money or time!), monitor my blood pressure and heart rate (I know they're in the good category) and drive slower.

One big thing is it said I need to work on my diet. Not new news by any means, but I think I'm going to try to work on that. I'm not getting a real balanced diet, even though I have done a good job at controlling my moderation. Maybe I'll start monitoring what I eat and try to get the recommended amounts of things...Novel idea, huh?


Kayle said...

I'm apparently 22.1 (instead of 22.2). Guess what they yelled at me for?

1) managing my "asthma" (cf wasn't an option)
2) driving too fast.


Anonymous said...

Jessica, At 23, you really don't want to be much younger! :) And not being older than your age means you are taking really good care of youself!
It's a great test. Glad you tried it!