Sunday, August 10, 2008

The idea

I love my job.

You get to meet some of the most interesting people out there.

People like Shad Ireland.

Shad's had to be on dialysis since he was 10. Finally, after a long struggle, he accepted his fate and made the best of it. At 31, he ran an Ironman triathlon, only a year after the 90-pound man began training. He is one of the most inspiring people I've ever met.

So, I was on my way home from the interview Thursday, still in awe with this man, and it came to me: I was going to run a triathlon.

Not an Ironman (I'm not a masochist), but a Sprint triathlon. But I wasn't going to do it alone, I'm dragging my friend Kayle down with me.

We talked about and I'm starting to get excited about training. We haven't picked a triathlon, but we are thinking one closer to next spring, to avoid swimming in the competition in winter. We've been busy, so we haven't gotten a lot of time to talk about much like the schedule or anything, but we're doing a little bit of research. Suggestions are always welcome.

This should be really good for both of us in all aspects of our lives. I'm excited to start the adventure.

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Mom said...

Go Jess and Kayle!