Saturday, August 23, 2008

First days

We started training finally!

Thursday, I went over to Kayle's to go swimming. I knew the pool schedule well, or at least I thought so. After getting to the pool and realizing Kayle didn't have her googles, we drove back home to get them. Arriving the second time we find out the pool is closed. Weird. Guess I looked at the wrong week. So we drive back to her house and attempt to do laps in her apartment's pool. Not a great start, but we got some done. Then we did some push ups and sit ups to work other parts of our body.

My pecks and abs were sore the next day.

Moving on, last night we went for a 55 minute bike ride through town. It was a fair leisure ride. Again, we are just trying to warm up on each activity. My butt is sore from my crappy bike seat and my pecks are worse, due to more push ups. Abs are doing OK.

Today, we get to break. Sunday...running. It's good to be working out again.

(My internet is down, so it may be a while longer before I can get another post in!)

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Mom said...

Would you like a new seat for you bike or at least a seat cushion for your birthday?