Tuesday, October 21, 2008

It's been a week...

This week has been interesting. I've been up and down all week dealing with this job business. I've been in the car so much in the past 29 hours or so it's ridiculous. I'm looking forward to not driving or interviewing tomorrow. I've got some viable options, but I still need to decide what I want to do about it. That's what I'm dealing with now on that end.

Because of all that, my workouts have been inconsistent. Like, I didn't get home yesterday or today until fairly late and I was utterly exhausted both days, so I haven't worked out. The job search seems to be interfering. In fact, I may have to move, which is going to throw all this out of whack, so I just don't know. I understand how vague and unknowing I am today.

Notable things from this week:
-I doubled up on running and swimming a few days ago and it went really well. I ran nearly two miles! Like, the whole time. I've also discovered I'm close to enjoying running in the cold (Ok, it was in the 50s probably). It's always been so hot, but that day it was cool and windy. Felt great! After that, I swam and did a good job...about 500 yards without stopping. I actually realized I could do that all day. I turned over every 100 yards or so to breathe for a while, but I can do that. It just isn't fast at all. I need to work on speed with the endurance.

-I really want a path to run and bike on! Norman has nothing!

-I need to push myself better and actually follow the work out schedule...damn job hunt.

-We need to pick a tri so I can be working toward a markable thing...even if I can't afford the entry fee yet!

Ok, that's mostly just things I need to do, but we'll pretend it's notable. Perhaps the 2 miles was the only notable thing...

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Rob said...

All that you do is very notable. It does seem like you had quite a week and have a lot on your plate at the same time. It's nice to hear that you still have your goals and haven't given up on them. Many of a good people would have. Then again you seem to be more well rounded, determined and very determined to make it all work.
Keep staying positive and continue training for that tri! You can do it and you will make it through this all.