Sunday, October 26, 2008

Training again!

I finally started training again today! Kayle and I ran a short distance, but ran and worked out nonetheless! I was great to get back out there.

I plan on doing more tomorrow and Wednesday since I'm busy Tuesday. I'm excited to get back on track and fit in as many session with my partner before I move!

I'm feeling more confident with my decision to take the job and I'm happier because at least one weight has been lifted, which makes me much more motivated to finish this out. I never lost my will to compete in and complete a triathlon, but the getting there part suffered momentarily. I think I'm back, or at least on my way there, so things are looking up.

Poll: Would it be weird to start a second blog about moving/living in a new town? Here's my reasoning: Blogs are good if you blog about something specific. I've got one about one thing I'm tackling, but since I've got another potentially major thing to deal with that's completely opposite of this, it would be weird to combine it but I feel like I should blog about it anyway. I don't want overkill, so let me know if that's crazy or too egotistical. As I type this, it kind of sounds like it. Please comment!

2 comments: said...

One could argue that the title "Gearing Up" could be for a multitude of things. So, you could be gearing up for a triathlon or gearing up for a new life in a new town.
Having two blogs might be a big burden.

Jamie said...

I second exactly what gokristen said.