Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New adventure

Don't worry...I'm still focusing on triathlon.

But...I've joined a softball league. For those who know me, this seems impossible. I was the type of kid who let others "bat" in front of her in kickball/whatever in elementary and then went far off as possible when my team was in the outfield. I was the type of kid who could just stand around during tag and no one would tag me because that just wasn't fun. I'm totally uncoordinated, and I tend to shy away from things I'm not good at. But, right now, I feel like I'm at the time of my life to try a lot of new things and jump and new opportunities, so hell, when I was asked if I wanted to join the company softball league, I said yes. Our first game is tomorrow and I couldn't be more panicked!

I'm not much of a batter, can't really catch, and my throws are OK. I'm really afraid I'm going to look like an idiot out there and have elementary school flash backs. I bought a glove that cost more than entering the league. Those things aren't cheap! Our plan is to not practice and just go out there and play once a week. Awesome. So basically, I'm terrified. Any quick advice?

Training's been difficult this week. I'm going to get a swim in during lunch tomorrow. Right after the placement game, I'm heading to Norman for the night and then off to Houston for my friend's wedding! I'm totally excited for the weekend! I'm going to try to get a workout in Saturday morning because there won't be time Friday or Sunday.

That's all for now. I have to shave my legs because the $7 Nair I bought proved fairly worthless.

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Diane said...

Good for you on the softball league thing! When you started training for your triathlons, weren't you panicked then too? I know I was. But you did it. And you can do this too. It sounds like its a league where they just want to have fun, so just go out there and enjoy! If nothing else, you'll have lots of laughs.
Enjoy your weekend!