Monday, June 29, 2009


It's been a crazy couple of weeks.

First off, the softball game went well. I wasn't great by any means, one of the worst on the team in fact, but I had a great time out there. I enjoyed playing and that's what matters. We won our first game by default and lost the second by one run. It was a placement game, so we'll see where we end up. Season starts next month...

After that, I went almost directly to Houston for a wedding. I only got work out once and it was a short 20 minute jog. Nick and I did spend a few hours at the pool goofing around during the trip too. Everything was fun and good. It was great to be there.

I didn't come back to Stillwater until Monday morning within 10 minutes of when I had to be at work. (I didn't want to drive home Sunday because we'd been in the car so long already!) Monday was crazy long and hot. I didn't want to run during my lunch break because it was hot and I hadn't spent any time at home. I held off, hoping to have time after work. No such luck. Long was already dark. (And the gym closes at 9 too!) Tuesday was busy, too. During my lunch, I went to the store to get a new cell phone, which took and hour, and then I had to play with it. All the time, I'm trying to figure out how I can get out of town to see a hospitalized friend. I ended up rushing to OKC Wednesday after getting off work at noon. No workout then either. Right after that, I had to drive to Tulsa to do some Father's Day with my dad before crashing at Nick's parents for the night.

We left for our next vacation the next morning. We went to the Buffalo River with Nick's whole family. It was great trip. Much needed relaxation. Leave it to a triathlete to take a vacation and turn it into a mini-training session. I brought my goggles and practiced a little open water swimming in the lake. It felt good. Friday we went hiking, which took about two hours. The walk up, let me tell you, was a bitch. Very steep and hot. It was good though, since it'd been so long since I'd worked out. We spent Saturday on a canoe trip on the river. We really did more swimming than canoeing, but I got a nice burn...err, tan. Sure. Fun times. We came home Sunday and while you'd think I'd have learned my lesson, I ended up crashing at my parents instead of coming home last night.

Which brings you up to date. I didn't work out today for the same reason as last week. I figure I will be "hitting it hard" starting tomorrow. I'm motivated to get started again, but these two weeks were just so crazy, I didn't want to stress out too much about a workout...or 10. 83 days until the tri, though, so I know I can't mess around anymore.

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Diane said...

It's good that you got a break. Sometimes we need that. And you may see that you are stronger when you are training now than you were before. I find that with running. Any time I take off a couple or 5 days, when I get back to it, I think my body is so happy to be doing it again, it rewards me with better performance. You'll be ready for Redman!