Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Since I've been gone...

I've been busy since I've not been posting.

My legs are tired. Since my last rest day, I've:
- Run/walked 4.25 miles (longest ever for me...)
- Nice, short 20 minute run
- 18-mile bike ride
- 1.8 mile run, plus 0.8 mile walk with a little jogging
- 4-mile bike, 500m swim, 4-mile bike
- 3.2 mile run, with a little walking

I get a rest tomorrow. I'm sure they'll be pleased.

Few things of note:
- The 4.25-mile run. I was really pleased that I did it in one hour (I'm slow). At one point, about halfway through, I was feeling really sick, but I pushed through, telling myself it was all in my head. I think part of my nausea is in my head because I know if I start feeling sick, I'll walk and take it easy. My body's figured it out, so I'm going to try to ignore myself.
- The 18-mile ride was supposed to actually be 22 miles. I went to Tulsa just to ride with my parents. I told them I wanted to do between 20-25 miles, so my dad planned out a 22 miler. Not far into the ride (a few miles), my back tire gets a shard of metal in it, and blows. Awesome. When my parents catch up (yeah, catch up!), I tell them and we walk to a nearby bike store (It was close). They weren't quite open yet, so we waited. I spent 12 bucks and about 25 minutes to get it fixed. I got to shop at the bike store and I wanted to buy it ALL! I want gloves, more tri clothes, etc. Plus, there was this beautiful $1,700 bike that I sat on and fell in love with! It was a tri bike with fancy aerobars. Love it. Anyway, the ride had to be shortened for time restraints, but it was a great ride. My mom told me I "kicked her ass" on a hill, and my parents ride a lot, so that's a high compliment. I was in the lead a lot of the time. My mom like to take her time, for sure. We went against the wind for the last half, but it wasn't too bad because it was a nice breeze...I drank a Corona very quickly at the cantina after...
- Today, I went on a run with a few people from work. They (maybe both) are training for the Tulsa Run, too. The guy is starting to train in boxing for a column for the NewsPress (more details to come). He actually kept us at a great pace for the first half of the run. It was faster than we've been running and it felt good. I'm going to try to get myself there. It felt right. It was cooler today, so that may be why I felt so good during the run. I'll take it, though.

Those are my weekly highlights. I've started abs, inner thighs and pushups again. I've decided I have to do it before the workout or I just won't do it. Today, however, I wasn't good. I went to run straight from work, and we went to eat and I'm full now...

*Warning: Shameless plug*
One last thing. I'm going to do a shameless plug for my newspaper. My coworker (who I mentioned above) started training with this champion boxer. He's writing a twice a week column about his experiences. He admits he may be in the worst shape of his 23-year-old life. I know a lot of my readers are also transforming their bodies, so I thought you might enjoy it. Some highlights from his first workout include: "There wasn’t a muscle in my body that didn’t feel the workout — which lasted less than 35 minutes — after I was done. I sat on my living room couch wrapped in a towel for two hours afterwards. Not because it was comfortable, but because I couldn’t bend over to put pants on." I wouldn't forward you to crap, this will be quality stuff. I laughed out loud numerous times today. If your interested, visit our Web site to read more.

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Big Daddy Diesel said...

Good job

What bike did you look at? I so want a tribike, the roadie will work for now.