Sunday, January 24, 2010

Joys of being sore

Am I weird because I really enjoy being sore? It means I either worked a muscle group I'm not used to working, or I pushed one I am used to working beyond what is normal. Basically, it means I challenged my body and had a great workout! With all my training last year, I really wasn't sore often. Which means I was physically fit, but I think it also means I can push harder. (I'm working on training my subconscious to realize I can push more and then doing so.)

This week I have been sore. Here's what I did:

M - Ran 2.5 miles of a total of 3.25 on the treadmill, incline 2. I was a little sore Tuesday.
T - Rest (shot pictures of high school basketball for six hours)
W - Funny story. Because of the basketball tournament (see Tuesday), the pool wasn't open in the evenings this week, so I decided to change my schedule a bit and add a sprint run. So Wednesday, I go to the gym to do weights. The plan was about 20 minutes of cardio to get my blood flowing, etc., and only three minutes into my treadmill walk, I thought to myself "this is doing anything for triathlon and nothing for running a sub-30 5k...why am I wasting my time?" In response, I walked four minutes, ran a 12-minute (I'm starting slow) mile at 3 percent incline, then walked another four minutes. There. 20 minutes. Helping my running and triathlon. I did weights after, which were incredibly tough. Then, I decided to practicing shooting baskets. I'm a spaz, but I had fun. I was sore Thursday from weights.
R - Biked 1 hour while watching Titanic. I love having a bike trainer to get me through the winter and other days of rough weather, but it's not as fun as biking. The fun part about biking is getting the speed and feeling the wind on your face. You don't get that inside. Titanic made it enjoyable for the most part, but I'm totally missing the outdoors!
F - Rest
S - KenpoX with Nick. It's part of the P90X routine he's involved in. Kenpo is a martial arts routine. Lots of kicking and throwing punches. My back is a bit sore...but my calves are killing me! They are incredibly tight, which made
N - I got to take my new running shoes (see below) out, which was totally fun. I did four quarter-mile sprints, finishing the mile in 7:47. Then, I went for a light jog for another .86 miles. I'm not sure my legs got a lot of work, but my lungs were having trouble keeping I worked something!

New shoes! I'd been needing new running shoes. I got mine toward the beginning of this tri adventure! The tread wasn't too worn, but I figured since I'd been having some leg pain, and it'd been a year, it was about time! I went to a fancy running store and tried on a few pair. I ended up getting a pair of Mizunos. Not a brand I'm familiar with, but they feel great! Snug, super supportive, comfortable. They're a little bright, but I don't mind!

Overall, a good week for training. I'm excited to add swimming to the agenda, especially because it's been so long, but it's time.


Jamie said...

i LOVE being sore. I also LOVE making my gymnasts sore.

Beth said...

I love feeling sore, too. Makes you feel like you really did something.

I'm wearing Mizuno trail shoes now and love them.

Sounds like a great week of workouts!

Diane said...

You're not weird because you like feeling sore. I like it too. It lets me know I actually did something! Sounds like you had a good workout week. I'll keep the Mizunos in mind. I'll be needing new sneaks soon too.