Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Recovery-land Welcomes You

I've been in sick-land. I'm enjoying Recovery-land more.

Nick was sick over the turn of the New Year. All week last week I'd been feeling it. That "in-between" where you know that tomorrow you could wake up feeling fine or totally sick. Then a co-worker got sick Tuesday and Wednesday. Then another three on Friday. And then others went home sick. My whole office! Friday I was still in-between, but I woke up Saturday feeling like poo! Nick took great care of me, but I had to go into work Saturday night because we had two basketball games! Nick went home Saturday night, but the cold persisted. Sunday was spent on the couch. I went into work late Monday because I thought it would be a good idea to get a little extra rest because I had to work Saturday night. Now, I'm in the recovery portion. Nose still kind of plugged, coughing a lot, but mobile and vertical. So definite improvement!

I haven't been training or working out with this (and two busy weeks), but starting next week, I'm going to. I'll come up with and share a new work out plan and try to stick with it. My problem right now is it has to be super flexible because I have a lot of night and weekend work, which makes sticking to a rigorous schedule super-difficult. Anyway, for a future post...

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