Monday, April 19, 2010

One year ago...

A year ago, I became a triathlete.

I completed the King Tut Triathlon -- a sprint distance -- in 1:53:35! It was such an amazing experience, and I was hooked from Day 1. I won't go on and on reminiscing about what triathlon has done for me. I've done that post and if you really want to read it, just go into my history! To sum it up: It's done a lot -- so much of my life is different because of triathlon. And I've come along way in some respects. I haven't been freaking out about not being able to do distances this year because I know I can -- I've done it! But then again, things that haven't changed? I'm still slow :)

I just thought a post was deserved on the anniversary of this day.

Now, do you want to hear how my marathon relay training is going? Not well, actually! I decided to run an 3.8 mile out and back yesterday. I was probably 10 yards from my turn around when I had a back spasm! I had to stop and stretch it, but then my only option was to run back. It was an inconvenience, but loosened up some on the run. Well, it was incredibly tight and hurt all day yesterday and today. I decided not to run today (it was supposed to be my 4.5-5 mile long run to prep for the 10k on Sunday). I figured it would be really bad if I injured it further. I already had a busy evening of grocery shopping and bill paying, and it's bothering me again after all that. I'm busy the next two nights, so I can't get a run in then. Oh well. The race should be interesting!

Any idea why that happened? It was a really good run. I felt great. Am I holding my back weird or too much or something? Any suggestions?


Beth said...

Congrats on your 1 yr anniversary!! So empowering :)

Not sure what that back spasm is about. I sometimes get lower back pain but it's after a lot of hill work. Just take it nice and easy, maybe some ice and you should be fine.

Diane said...

Congrats on your one-year anniversary! Mine was last week. And I'm still slow too!
I get pain in the side of my back sometimes. It eases out eventually. Maybe you twisted it in a way your body isn't used to? Good luck on your 10K this weekend!