Sunday, April 4, 2010

T-7 days

Yup. My first tri of the season is just one week away! Woo!

Am I ready? Yes and no. It's a 400m pool swim, 12-mile bike and 2-mile run. I know I can do the distances with limited problems. In fact, I think I can do each of them fairly quickly. The problem is, I haven't done a lot of doubling up. I'm worried about my endurance at a quick pace because of that. And, I haven't done any bike/runs. I think I'll get one worked out tomorrow. (It was hard to motivate this weekend! But Easter was great!) Oh, and I had more pool trouble last week, so I'm not getting swims in as often as I want.

But all in all, I'm super excited and not particularly worried. This year is supposed to be about fun tri-ing, without putting a lot of stress on myself. I'm excited to get another under my belt -- and start the season off!


Beth said...

GOOD LUCK!! It will all come together on race day :)

Diane said...

Enjoy your race. I'm sure you'll do great. My first race is April 24th. Also a small one. I haven't done any bricks either. Planning on those this week and next week. Not my favorite training.