Monday, May 17, 2010

5k Race Report: Well, that didn't go well

Title says it all!

Previously unplanned, but I started taking antibiotics late Friday night. I don't like antibiotics. Anyway, I was feeling nauseated on race morning and barely ate any breakfast. I wasn't sure if it was the race anxiety, getting up early (which often makes me feel that way) or side effect of the antibiotics. The course was neat because the turn around was basically right next to the house I grew up in! We actually walked half the course (from our house to the start) to get to the race. I got my shirt, number and chip and got in line. I was nervous and feeling "off," but determined to push myself.

Off we go! The course wasn't too terribly interesting or tough. But it was where I grew up, so that was new for me to race, I guess. Anyway, I struggled, but I tried to push myself. I actually had forgotten my watch, so I had no way of knowing how well I was doing. I just kept telling myself I couldn't slow down. About k number 3, I started really getting hard.

To get to the finish line, you had to go under a bridge, and then do a twist and turn or two before making it. It appears closer than it really is because of the turn. I didn't try to kick it, though, because right after crossing under the bridge, I got really nauseated again. Still, I tried to push through it and maintain a speed. I couldn't see the time, so I didn't know where I was still. All of a sudden, I dry heave and run off to the edge. Then again. And then the half a bowl of the last 50 yards, I threw up four times, but I kept running. I feel bad for all the people who had to watch it! Thank goodness Mom's camera stopped working right before I got up there, otherwise, we would have seen a beautiful picture of one moment NO ONE wants to remember! After the fourth time, I saw the time: 33:18. One minute slower than I was hoping. I gave up and walked the last 10 yards...

For lack of a more polite way to put it, it's hard to run and throw up at the same time, so I can't say I was particularly clean at this point. Plus I was sick and disappointed. Lame. I'm still not sure if it was the meds (I was nauseated all the next day too...) or just simply pushing myself too hard.

I'm proud that I gave it my all. I kept pushing, even after I got sick and totally embarrassed myself in my hometown. I can, for once, say I tried my best in a race. It's disappointing, however, that it just wasn't enough for a PR.

The kicker? The results don't even show me! According to them, I never ran it! I would have come in 21 of 36 in my age group, it looks like. Not bad.

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