Monday, May 24, 2010

More uplifting...

I don't really feel like writing out a long post, I just don't want my lame last post to be the one up...

Friday I got to go into work a few hours late, so I slept in, and then decided I'd run. Time kept me from getting much of a workout in, but I did three sprints up this short hill. I cut four seconds off the second one as compared to the first. Then, determined to be just seconds faster, I did the last. Cut another SIX seconds! Awesome. The short work out got me thinking about my previous post. I have a tri in three week -- there's no room for excuses! And that's honestly what they are. If you're committed to training, you overcome those things.

Of course, then I didn't work out again until today, so maybe I was full of it!

But I am committed for the next week and a half. I have a fairly intense (but doable) workout plan. Next Wednesday evening, Nick and I leave for a little trip with his family. We're heading out to a river and cabins. I'm super excited, and hoping to get an open-water river swim in as well as a run. I think I'll be able to have to motivation -- especially now that Nick's working out. Plus, we'll do some hiking, and of course, an all-day canoe trip. I should stay active, but still relax. My next tri is the following weekend! Eek!

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