Monday, September 29, 2008


It's interesting how much people you've never met can do for you.

I've developed a relationship with a few of the bloggers I read about. They are awesome. They are inspirational, determined and help me stay motivated. Most of them are working out or training for a triathlon like me, but some have other interests of mine and are strong in a different way. I just love reading their blogs...and of course the blogs of two (kind of three) of my favorite people in the world - my sister and my best friend! Thank you all for everything!

I'd like to share another story, however, of someone I know practically nothing about, but he makes me smile every week.

I work weird shifts, so I only work Thursday and Friday during the actual work week. Both those mornings, I get off the highway and look for a certain man. He's walking with dumbbells both those mornings around 9 a.m. along the street. It's gotten to the point where I look for him, judge how late I am around him and get disappointed if I don't see him. A few weeks ago, I didn't see him either day and I got really worried something had happened to him. Perhaps he was sick or running late that week or something...he's since been back, and I always smile when I see him. I don't see him during the weekend, though. I come an hour later and exit on a different exit but he may still exercise those days, I'm not sure. I think he is awesome getting out there every day and doing that. Maybe he doesn't have money for a gym or equipment, but he's determined to work out and is consistent about it. I think that's why I always smile. I actually look forward to seeing him. I just think it's interesting how much a person you've never talked to, know nothing about, can be so influential.

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