Sunday, December 21, 2008


My AMAZING boyfriend fixed my computer! Now it works again! Woo!

I tried to post yesterday at his house, but then he reminded me I wasn't paying enough attention to him, and I gladly decided to wait until I got home today. So here you go...

I haven't worked out since my run last week! I know, I are my excuses. I've seen various tri-training programs and they all give you a week break every 8 weeks or so, and I've been doing this since June! Of course, I wasn't completely perfect about everything in the rough month of October, but I've been back, solid, since then. Anyway, I started out with just a few days break, which was a good time to catch up on Christmas stuff that I was seriously behind on! A few days turned into a few more. It was getting hard to motivate and the Christmas stuff took longer, so I just didn't. I planned on being active this weekend, too, but Nick hurt himself and was a gimp all day Saturday. Kayle and I planned on running today, but it was really cold and neither of us had a lot of motivation.

Starting about Thursday, I began feeling heavy. I don't know how else to describe it. Heavy. Not fat, but just...heavy. I decided it had been too long (although it was still a nice break), so I would need to start soon. It's only getting worse! I know I need to work out. I feel it. (I love that, btw.) I will feel better once I can get back out there. The problem is, though, I have so much to do in the next two days before I go to Tulsa for Christmas! I found out I didn't have to work on the 24th, which is great, except that now I'm going to Tulsa a day sooner, so I have less time to get things done. I made a quick Wal-Mart stop earlier on my way into town, which helped me de-stress a little. But really, I'm not sure how I'm going to have a tough time fitting working out in this week! I have a lot of wrapping to do, I'm baking brownies for my co-workers and I'm going to be working a ton in those two days because we now have one less reporter and a ton of days to cover with content!

Over the holiday season, I'm going to take it easy with the workouts. I'm going to try to go three or four times a week, anytime, and just take turns doing each of the activities. I think trying to follow a schedule with the holidays and travel and my sister's new baby (which will be here within the next couple of weeks!) will be difficult. I'm starting back up with an intensive training program Jan. 5. Should be fun!

Oh, and since I've just talked about my lack of time, I won't be posting pictures of the run for another while...sorry!

To sum up, I've been lazy and as result I feel heavy. I don't have a ton of time to un-heavy myself, but I'll have to make it work. Finally, I'm going to workout mildly until Jan. 5, when I, in my mother's words, "will hit it hard!" Picture to come.

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