Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I made out great this Christmas! Tri-riffic! (I'm such a dork.)

Not only get I get my awesome bike (which, btw, has made my butt sore from the seat and my shoulders sore from the new angle), but I also got a wet suit, nice goggles and a swim cap! The wet suit is a little big, so I think we're going to go back to get a smaller size, but I'm nearly ready to go!

I got a ton more than that, too! Highlights include a lamp, Scrubs season 1, a pretty wall picture, a few picture frames, sheets and food!

Pictures of me in the sexy wet suit to come!

1 comment:

Rob said...

Nice bike you have there. That will sure come in handy when you do your tri ans well as all your other gifts. I can hardly wait to see you in your wet suit. That will be my next investment because I'll need it for the tri I am doing in April.

I'll be back at the gym on Monday after slacking a bit over the holidays. Not proud of all my bad eating but it was just a bit of a detour on this road I am traveling on.
Hope you have a great New Year ahead of you and may you accomplish all that you have set your mind to.