Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Da brick

I didn't get to post last night to tell you about my was great, btw.

I did my version of a brick. I read online about switching between biking and running to train your legs to adjust quickly. Most of the stuff I read suggested about 5-6 miles of biking, 1 mile running, repeating three times. Well, according to my machines at the gym, that would take me FOREVER! Instead, I decided to reduce those numbers. I biked 3 miles (about 15-20 minutes on the machine) ran (fast for me) for a half mile (5-6 minutes) three times in a row. It took a little more than an hour to do the rotation thrice. I have to tell you, it was tough! But...FABULOUS! I'm serious. A lot of the people who read this probably understand how a hard, long workout can just make you feel amazing! When I was done, I did a few abs, but I had to get home. It was the best I'd felt all day...which I guess isn't saying a whole lot since I slept poorly and woke up with a migraine. Just great. I was energized for hours.

Today I took a day off. I was going to do another zumba class, but honestly, I just wanted some time to get stuff done around the apartment. I think Nick and I are going to try to take a walk Saturday, so I can count that as a day off "activity," although probably not a workout. I hope it's nice weather...

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Rob said...

I know what your're talking about. The feeling that you get after an awesome workout is so GREAT! I love it and it usually motivates me even more for the next time I hit the gym. Lately though I've been a bit tired and don't get the feeling as much. :-( Oh well I guess maybe I've reached a point that I have to push harder or just relax more.
I start doing my bricks in January. A little nervous about starting to train for the tri in April. I still have to registar and might do that today.
You are doing great with all that you have going on in your life. Keep it up...