Monday, May 18, 2009

It's gonna be tough

I went swimming today. It was hard to motivate to get there. It's going to be tough to get started again. While I've been working out, it hasn't been with the same motivation behind it, if that makes sense. Harder to get there, and that will again be tough to break. Eating, too.

I'm going to get all three tri disciplines in this week, and hopefully do the elliptical machine and one last Zumba class before training starts again. Then ext week, I'll do a workout plan much like what I had for the Sprint (with one day of doubling up and two days off), to get back into the swing of things. I'm thinking I do want to do two-week focus groups, focusing on one of the three, while still doing the others a little. I think I've worked it out to do those, plus I have two weekends of vacation in June, so those weeks will be a little more relaxed, and it should get me to where I'm balancing all three with eight weeks left until the tri! Do you think that will be enough time? I'm really hoping to focus weeks can get me prepared distance-wise for the tri. I thought the last tri was going to be the hardest, and doubling the distances would be cake, but I am terrified. The whole things is going to be tough...maybe the hardest thing I've done.

My preliminary schedule is a little tough to explain. I'll basically do one of each for three days, then double up, then take a day off and do it over again. This way, the off days and doubles will rotate. Most weeks, I'll only have one day off, but every once in a while, I'll have a week when I get two days off. (Week 1: Run-Swim-Bike-Run/Swim-Off-Bike-Run, Week 2: Swim-Bike/Run-Off-Swim-Bike-Run-Swim/Bike, etc.) Make sense? That's the plan, obviously, for the last eight weeks.

I'm still working out the schedule to make sure it fits with my life (I'm out of town lots of weekends, etc.), plus I want to review more professional plans. I need to add weight training in there somewhere, too. Definitely still a work in progress...

What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

sounds like a good plan. my next race is august 1, and for now, I'm working out the same way. run, bike, run, swim, run/bike, off, run....
I'm trying to run a bit more than the other disciplines because that's my weak leg. I like the focus group idea too. Let me know how that goes.
I'm also having trouble getting back in the swing. My next race is still a sprint but I really want to improve from the first one. I need to get bitten by the training bug again. Thinking of signing up for another small race in July to get motivated. Good luck!