Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Updated: I'm low on motivation.

I'm low on motivation to get out there and start training. I was supposed to start yesterday, but as it was Memorial Day, and I had Nick around, I just didn't. (For the record, it's not that Nick is not encouraging. He is always supportive of me training/working out. It's just hard for me to motivate with him around because I hate to leave, even for an hour, when I only get to see him on the weekends!) Instead, we played tennis Sunday and Monday. The tennis actually put me in a less lazy mood each day, and I was feeling really good after it. It's just getting there that's the problem.

Now, I'm pretty concerned about already failing to get out there to train on day 1, but really, this can be day 1. I just need to motivate this afternoon. (I have been productive with other things, though.) Any advice?

I think I'll bike. I was supposed to swim yesterday, but I'll just skip it all and move right into Tuesday. Perhaps I'll go about 10 miles and make sure I take Marley and Me back to the Redbox while I'm at it...

Note: I did in fact make it out for a ride. A rode a little more than nine miles in a little less than an hour. It was good, solid ride, and I didn't struggle too much. I actually even did abs (including the dreaded plank), a few push-ups and some inner thigh exercises before I left and what's further, I went for a quick run around the apartment complex after the ride. Running after my ride = suck, so per Kayle's suggestion, I decided to try a little after this bike (and try to keep that up). It was a tiny run, but it was really hard for me, so I guess it's much needed practice!

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diane said...

it's tough to train on holidays with friends and family around.
Once you get back to training, you'll get back on track. And don't feel bad about days you didn't train. It doesn't hurt to let your body rest once in a while. You might find your next workout kicks butt because you gave your body some down time.