Friday, May 22, 2009

What have I gotten myself into?

So, every time I think about the distances and the magnitude of this Olympic I want to do, I get all nervous and freaky and worried.

My solution?

I registered. I'm doing it. I've committed nearly $100 (stupid processing fees!), so there you have it.

I also found a duathlon in Tulsa at the end of July and a small Sprint at the beginning of August, so if finances allow, I'm going to do both of those in prep. The duathlon will help me with my distances and my brick for sure, and the Sprint will give me a little more practice in a race situation without going too crazy a month before my tri. Again, if finances allow, I'd like to sign up for some 1ok or 5k races as practice, too. I mostly need practice in open water in a race-like situation, but in Oklahoma, you just don't have a lot of options. (People have offered to get in the water and kick me in the face to practice...Is that nice?)

In my last post, I said I would be getting a last Zumba and elliptical work out in. I didn't do either, but I did swim and bike and run. Guess I know I'm ready to jump into training full force! I was rusty at all three, to say the least, but nothing I'm too worried about. I expect my body to bounce back nicely. I ran today, and honestly, I can't say I cared much for the heat. I really felt like it zapped my legs of all energy. Still, I ran for 17 minutes straight before walking. It's not great, but when you think of how I could barely run for one minute when I started this thing, I'm not starting off badly. Of course, I have just as far to go, and in less time, since I'm increasing my distances.

Someone told me I shouldn't really do focus weeks, but I should concentrate on my run during this whole thing. I feel like that didn't get me where I wanted to be last time around (I didn't concentrate on my run at all, but I was pleased with it.), but experts know more than I do. I'm torn.

Next week will be real training, but will still be a "feeler" week to kind of see where I'm starting. This week helped that, but next week will for sure show how quickly I'll bounce back...We'll just have to see...

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al said...

aha i've just posted exactly the same sentiments! i'm booked into my first Olympic in August and am feeling a little ill after putting together my training plan. my focus is run/bike - because this is where you spend the most time. even though my bike is strong, i'm still going to give it a lot of time, because it's easy to improve your overall position with a strong bike leg. but i'm so new to this, what do i know really???? :)