Monday, August 3, 2009

Getting there

At T-8 weeks, I was supposed to do test my strength and time at each of the three distances separately, and then repeat at T-4 weeks. I kept thinking it was last weekend that was 8 weeks, but I realized halfway through last week that I was wrong. I'm now at less than 7 weeks!!! So, beginning Friday, I tested myself. I'm actually quite happy with my results, not time really, but doing it!

They are as follows:
1500m swim - 39
28 mile bike - 2:45
6.2 mile run - 1:23
Total time: 4 hour and 47 minutes

My test times at four weeks will help me decide my goal and expected times, but I'm thinking 4:45 is about where I will be. Yes, I'll improve in 7 weeks, but also, I will have to add in transition time and lose time for adding all three together and being more tired. Not what I had hoped, but I'm good with it.

Swim: About 800m into it, my face started hurting. Does this happen to anyone else? It feels like there is a lot of pressure on it. I don't know if my face gets tired of breathing air out of my nose under water or if the goggles are somehow putting pressure on my cheeks, but it hurts. I had to turn over and do back stroke for about 75m. That, in addition to lifting up my goggles for that time, helped and I was able to finish. It happened when I'd tried a 1000m, too. Any ideas? Other than that, it was good swim. A little slow, but good.

Run: I ran Saturday. I took a 6.2 mile course roughly the same as my dad used to run. At about 2k, I started getting really tired and had to stop running. I thought, 'Man, is this going to be a looooong run!' Well, I walked some, started running and my dad pulls up with cold water for me! How sweet is that? He promises to come back again, and I keep running. I ended up walking only 4 times, for a total of probably less than 1 mile! I ran 5 miles this weekend! I'd never run more than 3 really! I was amazed. I had to walk twice in the last 1.5 miles, which was a little disappointing, but it was good. I felt like a runner. I remember when my dad was training for his marathon, we'd often see him on that road when we were driving and we'd honk and wave. That's the image I've always had when I think "runner." So to run on that same path, and to do so well, made me feel amazing. I actually, probably for the first time, felt like a runner! If only I'd picked up a golf ball or two on the way home...

Bike: I actually biked Sunday after my run on Saturday, so my legs were already tired. I woke up with my inner thighs sore, so I knew it'd be rough. The course was mostly flat, with a few big hills...that I rocked, by the way. About the turn around point, I was feeling pretty tired, but I did pretty OK. I stayed in the lead (I went with my parents) for most of the ride. My dad often went back to get my mom, who has a tendecy to gawk. With a mile and half or so left, I really wanted to finish strong and quickly, so I told my dad I'd meet them at the cantina (yes, for drinks), and started off. It didn't take more than 20 seconds for my legs to tell me "hell no" and that I wouldn't really be going all that fast after all. I listened, somewhat, a finished about a minute before my parents. It was a good ride though. I told my legs they'd get a break today, but would soon have to combine them all. My hips, especially, are so today.

I'm pleased. I'm getting there.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Good job!!!

As for the swimming, it might be one of two things. First, Are your google too tight? Second, I notice when I get tired, I tend to labor on my breathing, because my lungs want oxygen and I tend to strain while holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

You're doing great! Keep up the good work and you'll rock this triathlon. I can't even imagine trying to run 6 miles yet, even with walking.