Monday, August 31, 2009


Perhaps I can do this.

Saturday, I decided to do a fairly long brick workout. It actually took longer than I really expected it to. I biked 8 miles, ran 2k, biked 8 miles, ran 2k, biked 5 miles, attempted sprints. The sprints were attempted. I drank a lot of water during the last bike portion and because of that I got a really bad stitch about 3/4 through my second sprint (about 50 yards probably)...then again about halfway through my third. I literally doubled over it hurt so bad. The whole thing took me just under 3 hours. Here's where I feel like I can do it. The next day, I didn't feel anything. I mean, I slept a lot that night/next morning, but it wasn't until I was halfway through my day before I realized that I wasn't sore! Whenever I'd tighten my quads and release, I could tell they were a little tired. I'm expecting my tri to take 5 hours...and if I can get through 3 hours without really being sore...there's hope yet! Nick and I were even able to play a pretty good game of tennis Sunday night.

And today! I ran. (Drumroll please!) I ran 4 and a half miles. Straight. In an hour. Heck yes! I'm so proud of myself! Just a few months ago, I was sure I'd never even be able to consistently run three miles. That was such a hard platform, but I totally blew it out of the water! I'm not sure if it was the beautiful weather or just a really good run, but I felt awesome! Beside knee and ankle issues. But that's beside the point. :) That's all I got. A :).

I'm attempting 5 miles on my birthday (Friday)!

Plan for the week:
Tuesday: Swim and bike (attempting 1500m swim and 18 mile bike, but I'll be racing the clock/sun, so I may have to cut these down).
Wednesday: I was going to swim and bike again, but something came up that I have to do Wednesday, so I'm almost positive I won't have time to workout. Yes, this is more important than tri training. Hope to have more info soon!
Thursday: Double header in softball!
Friday, Sept. 4, Jessica's 24th birthday: 5 mile run! - then drive to Dallas because...
Saturday: Watch OU beat down on BYU! FOOTBALL SEASON IS HERE!
Sunday: Run 5 miles
Monday: Bike 30 miles

On a side note: I've become a big fan of the Hammer Gels. I'm not in love with all the tastes, but about 15 minutes after taking one, I start to feel good and strong. And it sustains me. I don't get extra hungry, which helps the workout feel better. I approve.


al said...

yipppeee! you're sounding positive! great great workout! why are you thinking it'll take 5hrs; whats your individual time projections for each leg?

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Nice brick, thats impressive,

How did the bike fit go? Are you more comfortable on the bike?

al said...

ok have been checking out your estimated times and think you might be being a little hard on yourself! are these your worst case scenario times or your i'm hoping for times? i find i'll have two; one time which i think i'll get based on training/previous tris, one which i'm actually mentally aiming for, and one which i'll fall over into hysteria if i actually achieve. i find it easier to push myself in the race if there's a time i'm hoping to get at the back of my mind - because that's what keeps me pushing myself.

for example your run time, based on your last tri, would see you coming in 1hr 15mins. just because you're doing the swim/bike before doesn't mean you'll necessarily go slower. for my Oly - i did a PB by four mins on the run!! because everyone was running so much faster around me, my pacing just automatically picked up. so it showed me anything is possible :)

so, with that in mind, what are your "I'll die of happiness if i get this time" predictions for each leg?

Kayle said...

you got this!

Anonymous said...

sounds like it was a great workout! I can't wait to hear that you not only finished this tri, you nailed it! You'll be great. I'm going to have to give Hammer Gels another try. I didn't find they did much for me in my last race, but then I may have taken it too late.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I havent forgot about your bike fit, I was waiting for some responses on it from a forum. Here is what I got,

1st response - It just sounds to me like they're being lazy. Unless the bike was custom made, there's no reason it can't be adjusted.

2nd- Well... there are limits to the adjustments you can make, if the frame is too big or too small.

As for your friend, she can look at youtube for videos about how to set up the proper bike fit and try to do it herself.

Alternatively, she can video herself on a bike trainer (side view) and post it on here for feedback.

Good luck!

3rd - when i first started using my new bike(that i did have fitted) my hands ,shoulders and neck hurt, not bad, but i was not bike fit, it does not happen any more, it took some hours in the saddle, so ask your friend is the pain she is getting because of new position, bike could it be she just is not bike fit, has she been on a bike before?

I dont if any of this helps