Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It just isn't in the cards

Wow. Have I been struggling.

I was bad for about a week, then I got back on top of it all...then last week came...and this week. Ugh.

I took a break on Monday after my Olympic weekend (each distance for three days straight). Tuesday, I went to Edmond to see Kayle before she went off and moved to Texas! We went on a ride, which totally kicked my booty! Edmond is hilly. We road about 16 miles, many of which were uphill and my legs were still tired from the weekend before. It sucked, but it was really good to ride with Kayle. The following day was mine and Nick's four year anniversary. Amazing! We had a busy day, including Frontier City, The Hangover and dinner at Zio's, but not triathlon training. I was hoping to get out riding Thursday morning, but a storm kept us in bed. We did get out to play some tennis, but neither could muster a lot of energy. Friday, I went to Tulsa, Saturday to the play...neither day really making the time to work out.

I had it all planned out though. Sunday would be a big long brick to help prepare me for my tri on Sunday (400m, 11 miles, 2 miles), Monday I would rock it with a fast, hard swim, biking Tuesday, rest day to pick up my packet in OKC Wednesday, run Thursday, rest Friday and Saturday. Well...it just isn't in the cards.

Again, I wanted to get up Sunday morning to brick before it got too hot, but I had a really bad nights sleep, so I couldn't will myself to. I decided to go in the evening instead. I got all ready to go at 6 p.m., grabbed my bike and headed downstairs. When I got down, I realized I needed my bike lock to be able to let my bike out of my site, so I started to run back upstairs with my apartment key in hand...briefly. It fell between the cracks in the stairs into a pile of bushes and plants. Great. I expected to find it quickly, but it took me 45 minutes! I was about to call maintenance and I'd given up hope when I found it! (I had helpful neighbors, too!) At this point, I'm an hour later, still racing against daylight, and I'm tired from crouching in the bushes, so I head back inside. I'd just been locked out, so I didn't want to risk it happening again! Figured I could make up for it.

Well...yesterday we had big thunderstorm that knocked a bunch of limbs into a bunch of powerlines and much of the town was without power. I had power, but the gym (I don't think) did, and the pool would not have been open because of all the lightning anyway. It let up for a bit later, but I had already invited a few powerless friends over for some hot food. By the time they left, it was dark. Because I couldn't stay late and work yesterday (power was out), I got to work at 6 a.m. I don't get to work that early. I don't like it. When I wake up when it's still dark, I frequently get nauesated. Today was no execption. Oh, and I've had a headache since 9 p.m. yesterday. So now, utterly exhausted after a long day at work and my week thus far, headache abound, I'm not too eager to get in the pool, on my bike or in my shoes. I need to so bad though!

I'm worried I'm not going to do well in this tri. I'm not prepared. I can do the distances, but I haven't been training much the past month or so, and it'll be after a six day work week (this is only day 2!!!)...so I'm pretty bummed about it. I'd like to rock it. I really wanted to do one triathlon powerfully this season. The Olympic will of course be a struggle because it's long, so this was supposed to be fun and fast.

I know I've made a lot of excuses. Basically, I haven't made the time to do this, and things haven't fallen well for me. I want my headache gone and my racing fast!


al said...

hey! what's happening here?? you're putting a lot of pressure on yourself to be fast; but if training to full capacity isn't possible now, then it'll be so much easier if you just accept this, and use the sprint Tri as experience. before my Oly a fellow tri-er said to me, "I'm just going to think of this race as another hard training day, but i happen to be wearing a number." Training should be challenging, but also enjoyable; so if life is getting too hectic to be able to train properly + get faster - then it's okay to change your focus away from getting faster and use this as experience/another training session! i always try to focus not on what i 'should' be doing, but what's actually possible for me to do :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

x2 with al, Is the race your "A" race or is the Olympic down the road? This race should be all about improving and learning from your first tri. Tweeking the mistakes and seeing if there is improvement. We all are so busy these days, life is hectic. Sometimes we fall short of training because we have to "deal" with "life". Most times, some time off will do the body and mind good, dont be surprised this will jump start you to the next level.