Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sad, sad story

I was supposed to swim today, remember? I was totally stoked about it. Well...all week I'd been ignoring this sign on the door that said the pool was closed today because of a swim meet. Cool. So I went home (I only had pool stuff with me), disappointed to eat dinner, change and go back to run later.

In the meantime, I develop this awful headache and I'm so tired. Finally, I convince myself to go because I'd been looking forward to using the hot tub there all day. I figured I go, run my ass off, do some weights, then relax for a half hour in the hot tub reading a book. Really, I needed that hot tub time. I've been sore all day. My legs are a little sore from Zumba yesterday and my shoulders are tight and sore due to sitting at a desk on a computer all day for two days coupled with Zumba yesterday as well. I wanted to help my muscles relax. Well, I get to the treadmill (sad day when the sun goes down so early!) and run 20 out of 30 minutes. I thought it was alright time. I haven't worked out for real in nearly a month, so it's not bad. Anyway, I'm totally sweating and my legs feel like jello when I try to get off the treadmill (again, they were already tired), I do some weights and I head down to the locker room. I take an awkward shower (I forgot flip flops...gross!) then head to the hot tub. I turn it on and...the jets just spray all over the place. They hit the top of the tub and splash all over the locker Thanks. I couldn't make it do anything else, so I left, sad, tired and sore. I lose.

My hot shower didn't do the trick.

Back to that running. It's definitely my worst "subject." Since it's been so long since I've run, I don't take it too hard. But then again, we're half way through with our training and I can't run a solid 3.1 miles, let alone quickly after biking and swimming! So here's the deal, folks. A month from now (Dec. 13, 2008), I will run 3.1 miles, solid. I'm actually going to look and see if there are any scheduled runs to participate in. I'm doing it. I need to. I figured I need to be able to run like 5 miles solid to be able to do 3.1 with any kind of speed post the first two tri events. That's my goal by tri time. 3.1 in a month.

Also, I'm training to be an endurance athlete, right? So I can't just be working out 30 minutes anymore. Starting next week (after I get my body retrained to work out), I'm bumping it up to 45 at least for swimming and running and an hour biking. Conditioning...that's what this is all about!


Kayle said...

a race huh?....hmmm.... any chance you'd want some company? said...

So the trainer I went to that kicked my ass...told me to do weights before you run (if you do weights). And be sure to get used to the transitions, your legs feel like lead when you get off the bike. That is the hardest thing to get over.
Happy Monday!