Saturday, November 29, 2008

First (real) 5k

I entered my first real 5k today. I've done others but walked most of the way. This one I'm hoping to run the entire way. My goal time is 40 minutes ( a little slow, I know), but I've been running them in 45 minutes right now, so knocking five minutes off by running the whole way will be good for a goal, I think. Mostly, I just want to finish having run the whole matter how long it takes me!

My mom and dad and Kayle all said they wanted to do the run with me, too, and now that I've signed up, I suppose they will too. That will be fun, although I know I'll come in last...sad day! I don't quite understand why I struggle more with running than most people. It seems other people can train for a 5k with few problems, yet I seem to be struggling as all hell.

The run is a Jingle Bell run for Arthritis. My goal is to earn $100 for the cause. I know it's the Christmas season and the economy sucks, but if anyone can donate just $10 to the cause, it would a great contribution. My Web site is here. There you can donate or sign up if you'll be in the Tulsa area on the 13th!

1 comment:

Jamie said...

I can't come to the run :(
I'll be in Arkansas that weekend at a gymnastics meet.