Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving plans

The past few days I have NOT wanted to go to the gym. My days were long at work and the thought of waiting another hour and half (or more) before actually getting home and eating dinner was NOT making Jessica happy. But of course, I'm stubborn, so I went.

Running today sucked. It's all about the treadmill now that it's dark after work. I tried to run 1/4 mile quickly, another 1/4 slowly and then walk about 1/8 or so. My goal was to do that 4 times so I could do a mile at each speed. I didn't happen. After three, I had to only do 1/8 at slow, walk some, and then another 1/8 at slow. I couldn't muster up the energy...plus, I still had to swim! I went 2.5 miles or so, for about 40 minutes at incline 1 (which is just supposed to balance out wind resistance). Swimming was fine, but I didn't push my legs too far because I ran. My lungs are getting back up to where they were before I stopped-ish for the month. That's good news.

I can't decide whether I want to try to work out tomorrow (my day off) before I head to Tulsa after work or just try to fit it in before turkey on Thanksgiving. I want to be available to help my mom with the cooking, so I'd have to do it before noon. Let's be honest, working out post turkey won't happen. I'll probably do that because I'm tired. I have to work Friday too, so I have to come back here after dinner...then Friday night I'm heading to Norman to visit my boyfriend. Yay for driving!

I feel like I have no time at home to do anything. I haven't finished unpacking and I have so many other things I want to get done, but I'm never home. I work, train, talk to my boyfriend, go to bed early (for me). On the weekends, I'm leaving town (or sometimes have guests). I guess I shouldn't complain. It keeps me from getting bored or lonely. I've always been a fan of "me" time, but now it seems like most of my "me" time is working out. I guess it should be right now. Again, I don't want to complain. I choose to do it all and to be honest, I love it all. You're just lucky I found time to tell you all this!

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Rob said...

You know we all need time off once in awhile. Especially if you have such a hectic schedule as it seems like you have had lately. Taking a day off will help rejuvenate you so that once you go back at it you’ll have more energy to accomplish all that you have set your mind to do.
Plus you’ll need the rest just to take care of yourself so you can get to were you want to go, and safely.
The gym will always be there for you. It’s not going anywhere.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving day plans!