Monday, February 2, 2009


For the first time ever, I did swim speed drills. In a workout, I've done bursts before, but today was all about the speed.

50m freestyle x4, 50m backstroke x2, 50m kicks x2, with a 100m warm up and cool down.

Let's just say my legs, which were still a little tired from the bike ride yesterday, felt like Jell-O after the first 100 fast! Needless to say, my speed slowed down considerably as the workout progressed, but if I was giving it my all every time, it did great things. It was quite tiring.

My legs won't really get to rest tomorrow, either. I'm going to be biking and running, brick style. (12 minutes bike, 6 minute run, repeat 3 times!) Then, they can rest.


Rob said...

Your doing real well on your training, especially a great job on your swimming. I already took a break from my training and I sometimes wonder if I'll ever be ready for my tri in April. So i a little disappointed, but haven't given up yet.
Hope your legs are feeling better as well.

Rob said...

Yes, my friend you are an inspiration to me as well. I think your the first person to ever make any comment on my blog.We do go through a lot of ups and downs and I guess I just have to learn how to handle them better. just started really training today on my swimming and for once I feel a lot more confident about the swimming portion of the tri.
By the way I haven't told many people this but a big reason also for my attitude is that come march I am losing my trainer because he is moving out of state. Still not handling that well because I feel like I am losing a close friend and brother. It won't be the same without him being there on this journey with me. He's the one and yes I know I did all the work that has so inspired me to lose the 100 pounds that I have lost. I got to end it here because I am getting too emotional about it again.
Thanks for the support and encouragement. Your awesome!
by the way I am here to stay, no matter how tough it gets.
Hope your legs are feeling better and have an great and fit day ahead.