Sunday, February 22, 2009

My ride

I finally went biking along Boomer Lake today! I'd been trying to for three months now, and something always came up when I thought I had the opportunity. It was good to finally go!

Except that the ride kicked my ass. For real.

It's about a four mile loop, but I can't tell for sure because all the mapping sites seem to lack trails, so I can't know for sure. I did the loop twice, once going on a mile or so jet off and back. I biked for 50 minutes, probably less than 10 miles, and I'm pooped! It's like I haven't ridden a bike in a month! Want to know the truth? I haven't gotten on my bike to bike outside in about 3 weeks, so I guess it's not far off. The ONLY bike at the gym is like this: So, perhaps I've been training the wrong part of the muscle all winter long. I don't know what the reason is, but I'm getting worried about my biking. I'm going to have to figure out how to ensure I have daylight while juggling a non-conventional work schedule and a long distance relationship. This should be interesting. Any tips? Also, anyone know of any sites that will map trails and routes off of roads? I don't mean just being able to go off road, but actually have the trail information in the database?

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Diane said...

One of the tri sites I've been following suggested that we find upright stationery bikes to get a closer to real bike workout when at the gym. My gym only has two regular bikes and the rest are recumbent like the ones you showed. The workout is really different. See if you can take a spinning class in your gym. I understand those are tough, and they are on upright bikes. I have a race in 2 months and haven't been on my real bike yet because of the weather. I'm hoping next weekend. Good Luck!