Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A new week

Yet it seems eerily similar.

Monday started out as crazy as ever. A few coworkers and I were in a two hour meeting with the boss, which was good, but put me a little behind for the day...I had a ton to do! I was supposed to sprint up hills during lunch but didn't have time for that long of a lunch, so I ate and rushed back to work. I ended up working until 8:15, when I decided to get to the gym for a quick run before the closed at 9. I went back to work after the run, where I stayed until 9:30. I wasn't done, but I left so I could eat "dinner" before going to bed, which I have been getting ready for around 10.

The run: 28 minutes total (with warm up and cool down), which is too short in my opinion, but anyway, incline 2%, 4 quarters of a mile at 7 mph, with almost a quarter mile walking in between to work on speed. I felt great after. (Well, tired, but you know.)

I got back to work this morning at 7:30 (really early for me!) to finish up some stuff before a 9 a.m. meeting. I went grocery shopping during lunch. but today I worked a little later than expected as well, and I did not feel like working out, but I forced myself to go. It wasn't as great as I was hoping it would be and I left utterly exhausted and starving! I really considered going home and doing today's workout tomorrow, but I made myself go. I may have had a more productive workout tomorrow, but who knows.

Today's workout: 400m swim (with 100m warm up and cool down), 30 minute bike hills level 1 plus cool down, about 10 minutes of abs.

Tomorrow: REST! Can't wait!

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Jamie said...

They need to pay you overtime and I need to borrow a little of your motivation.