Friday, February 13, 2009

Week of Friday the 13th

This week has been...well, the week of Friday the 13th. It's been crazy and weird and stressful. Even my workout schedule was off. I'm so glad it's now the weekend.

Monday: I biked and it was amazing.
Tuesday: Tornado warning mid-afternoon, went into hiding, went straight home after it passed and spent another 2.5 hours working, didn't make it to the gym for my own safety. I was supposed to bike and swim.
Wednesday: Normal off day, Nick was in town, ate dollar tacos and watched the Breakfast Club.
Thursday: Supposed to try doubling up since I missed it Tuesday, but I didn't get off work until 7 p.m., I hadn't felt well all day and had had a headache, so I was trying to decide if I should skip it. I was ridiculously tired, but thought it would be great to sweat out my stress, but then my headache flared up again, so I turned around at the gym parking lot and went home. Still didn't get everything done I needed to and got to bed late.
Friday: Supposed to wake up early to run, didn't happen, went to work early to finish all my work early, but was given extra work instead, worked 2 hours overtime I won't get paid for, supposed to run when I get home, but now I'm so exhausted and it's been so long since I've worked out, it's becoming hard to motivate to do it! Catch 22.

With the stress of the week, I really needed my workouts, but didn't get them. Now, I'm exhausted and don't feel up to it. I won't have any time tomorrow to work out, but I do plan on running or biking Sunday. I feel blah and I know it's partly because I just can't seem to make it to the gym this week. I love feeling utter distress when I can't work out, but I don't. Ten bucks I don't run today...

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Rob said...

Glad to see that your still here. I get worried about you when you don't post, then again you do have a life outside this blog, don't you ? :-)
It does seem like you had quite a week. hopefully this week-end bought you some peace and quiet time. You'll soon be back to were you want to be. Sometimes stuff happens that we can't control but what we can control is how we deal with it and your doing well there.
Stay upbeat and positive and all will be OK. Still doing the tri in April? I know you wouldn't miss that.
Take it easy my friend...