Monday, October 26, 2009

Two wheels

Because my legs are still angry -- Dad says its fatigue -- I went biking today.

Holy cow. Biking is fun.

The minute I got on, I smiled. I'd forgotten how fun it can be. I haven't been on the bike since my triathlon, which was more than a month ago! It was kind of chilly and a bit windy, so I had to bundle up, but it was good. Really good.

After a few miles, I came to a T in the road. I looked to my right. Flat for about a quarter mile, followed by a steep hill. "I wonder if I can make it up that?" I thought, as I often do when I see hills on a road. I looked to my left. Flat for as far as I could see. Probably about a mile. Back to the right. Smile. "Let's see." Off I go, trying to get some speed to make it up the hill. As I got closer, it seemed less daunting, actually, but by the time I got up it, I realized it really was quite a hill. Huffing and puffing all the way. Of course, then I decided to hit a few other rolling hills along the same perhaps I didn't learn my lesson. After a mile or so of hills, I ended up going the other way, too, just to see where it led.

I was exploring my new town today. :-)

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Big Daddy Diesel said...

Way to go and hit the hills.