Thursday, October 8, 2009

Excuses, excuses: October edition

I didn't run Wednesday or Thursday. Wednesday was originally an off day, but I had decided I should probably run TWR, then take Friday off before the race Saturday. But then I forgot that Wednesday wasn't just an alternative cross training day, until later that night after it'd gotten dark. Oops.

And today...I said I'd run today, even if it was gloomy and raining. No matter what! Well, rain doesn't quite describe what was falling between 5:30 (when I got off work) and 7 p.m. (when it got dark). This is where I would be entering pictures of all the rain, but I've since realized I hadn't hooked up my printer (where I transfer pictures from) to my computer, and I don't feel like doing it now either. It was bad. And there was some lightning (Laura would be so proud!!!), so I didn't run. I still don't have a gym situation set up yet. Boo urns. And Boo hiss.

It's dark until about 7 a.m., which won't give me enough time in the morning. Tomorrow after work I've driving to Tulsa. I'll race Saturday, so I'm for sure running then!

On a complete separate but yummier note, Halloween candy might be the death of me.


tri_al said...

ohh i think we've been here before haven't we? i always thought i had a touch of pessimism but you're taking the cake! remember that training is supposed to be something you *want* to do, not a chore! so there's no room for excuses, because you're only talking to yourself.

maybe you need to reassess your goals, what you actually want to get out of this next race? you know you don't HAVE to train all the time, especially if you end up just feeling guilty from NOT training all the time.

keep positive!!! training/racing; you should be doing this for yourself, because you *want* to!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

The race is the reward for all the training that you have done, but if you dont enjoy the reward, its because getting to it was too much of a chore. Maybe your putting too much pressure on yourself, you just moved, you just got a new job, maybe its time for a break and get yourself caught up on life. My last tri, I didnt really want to do, but I did it because it was a "social event", I knew about 15 racers going to be there. Now I regret the race, it was the worse race of my season and I didnt enjoy it at all, so much so that the finisher medal is still in its wrapping sitting on the floor in my basement. You just have to ask yourself, is it worth it?