Saturday, October 17, 2009

Let's give them a hand

After re-reading my post from a few days ago, I noticed something. I gave triathlon a lot of props for my survival of the last year...and that is totally due. But I don't feel like I talked about the other saving grace: My awesome, amazing, wonderful supportive cast of fans. So I will dedicate this post to them.

First off, my parents. They supported me through the entire triathlon experience, showering me with gifts to help my performance during major gift-giving holidays. They gave me advice and pushed me through the tough times. They were there to watch my first and third triathlon experiences, cheering me on and photographing the race. They were there for a good talk, and always ready with a glass of wine. I want to thank you so much for all the support, love and awesome presents!

My sister. She was there to listen about my awful work experiences, something she knew all too well, and offered advice on handling the situations. She pushed me to do the Tulsa Run, giving me a fitness/race goal outside triathlon. I thank her for all that awesomeness. Also, she brings along my beautiful niece, who just with one smile can show that everything is good.

My BFF, Kayle. Her constant support, even when it was challenging for her, gave me motivation. Unfortunately, she's experienced health struggles in the past six months or so, but it gave me momentum. This tri season, I was competing for two. In fact, while I was running today, I decided I would race next season for the CF Foundation, since she had finally decided to embrace it and raise money for the cause. I'll take it up, and she can join me as soon as she can. Additionally, she was there for love, support and a good laugh anytime I needed it. I love you guapa. Thank you so much!

Darla and Justin, who would listen to my work complaints and understand like no one else could, since they were (and are) in the same boat. Having them as a soundboard helped alleviate some of the "listening" from my boyfriend and others. They made me dinner often and ran with me at times, helping push to get me out there running on days I just didn't want to go. Much thanks for all you did for me during my time in Stillwater! I hope we'll stay friends, even after you get an amazing job out of state and have to leave!!!

My awesome fellow bloggers. Thank you for your support and understanding. Your comments helped me stay motivated, adjust my thinking and gave me accountability for my races. And thank you for reading. Thank you for your source of inspiration, too!

And finally, last but most definitely not least, Nick. I love you so much! You got the brunt (other than me) of everything I experienced. You stuck by me through that and you never let our long distance relationship affect us. I know I haven't been the most fun, happy person, but you helped me more than you can imagine. You were there to say "stop thinking about work," offer (semi-jokingly) to do illegal things to the people causing me grief, and to support me when I couldn't do it myself. You are amazing. I can not thank you enough. You believed in me during the whole triathlon experience. You gave me motivation and confidence to get the job I have now, even when I didn't feel qualified. Thanks.

And countless others! You are all amazing. I hope I can be that support for you now or anytime in the future!

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Mom said...

Love you baby and I am so proud of you.