Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Long belated 5k report, etc.

I realized since I focused on reflection and my support system, I never got a chance to write up a short race report after the River Rush Run a few weeks back! How about now?

It was the first race, maybe ever, that my whole family did together. Here we are before the race, with my darling niece in the middle. My goal was to come in my quickest time ever. My parents hadn't run since December really, so they were just hoping to run it. Jamie is training to run the Tulsa Run 15k with there you have it.

Out we went. I started strong and fast, which was my goal. I "pace" myself too much, so I wanted to push fast. Jamie caught up early on and we ran together for a good mile and a half or two miles. She did a great job of really pushing me. She kept saying "see those walking guys, let's pass them!" and I'd push as hard as I could. Finally, when she saw our 52-year-old Mom slowing down in front of us, she decided to pass her, and I just couldn't keep up. I really appreciate her being there to coach me along, but I'm glad she was able to get up there...and PASS my mom!

The results? Dad ran almost the whole thing and came in first of us. Jamie followed, with mom on her heels just 20 seconds or so behind her. I came in at...32:30! That's an entire minute off of my fastest clocked time...and 2.5 minutes faster than my fastest official 5k race! I think we all felt like puking after...but we ALL did it! Woohoo!

Mom is already talking about us doing the race together every year. It was the River Rush's first race, but they plan to do it each year, and Mom wants it to be a family thing. I think that'd be fun. It's a nice course along the river and a beautiful park area. We'll see...

Training is going all right. It's getting challenging with the sun setting earlier and earlier each day, but I'm getting base runs in. I went out in the rain today. It was a light rain, but soggy. For so long I'd pass people running in the rain and I'd be jealous, thinking "that must be nice." Finally got my chance to get out there! It was nice to know I was working out...and it actually gives you a chance to enjoy the rain, instead of being forced inside during it. And I must say this...I love hearing the sound of my feet hit the pavement. It was a quiet night (no musica because it was raining), and there were times when all I heard way my rythmic breathing and my feet pitter pattering on the pavement. It was a great feeling.

10 days until the 15k!!!

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Jamie said...

I didn't run today because it was raining. I think I'm going to go early in the morning tomorrow and try to get 3 miles in since I doubt I'll be able to run Saturday in OKC. Just one more week!!