Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I ran! I ran so far away!

OK, actually not far at all. About 3.25 miles, in 40:30.

Fairly slow. I battled with intense wind and the struggles that can only be felt after not running or doing anything physical in a week. I could tell from the very get-go it was going to be a tough run. I pushed through, mostly. My knees have been bothering me earlier and earlier in my runs lately. Any advice on that?

I'm hoping once I start pushing myself again, I'll bounce back quickly over the next few weeks and be ready for my 15k on Halloween! Eek!

I also, by the way, have a sort-of impromptu 5k on Saturday with the fam (Mom, Dad and sister). It should be fun. I'm hoping to hit my fastest time...but I've got to get back to it quickly to hope to do that.

I start my new job tomorrow. This job will be challenging. It's going to demand a lot from me, not to mention a fairly strong learning curve. But I'm excited for the new challenge and all I will be able to learn there. I can't believe I'm already starting...now I've got to go study up on Drover sports! Wish me luck!!!